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The Equalizer Season 4 Episode 9: Release Date And More

The Equalizer

The Equalizer takes forward the legacy of this really exciting brand of films and shows. This series is in crime drama genre and stars Queen Latifah in the lead. It is filled with drama, and action as well as a story that is driven by performances. Season 4 is currently airing.

The Equalizer Season 4 Episode 9 will unfold soon and it has excited all the viewers who are glued to this series. So we will be taking a look at some important components of this exciting episode. So continue reading.

What Is The Equalizer All About?

The Equalizer is about Robyn McCall (played by Queen Latifah) who earlier worked for the CIA and is now a vigilante in New York who plans to help people. She supports those who are not able to get justice. Robyn is a single mother and has a daughter named Delilah (played by Laya DeLeon Hayes) with whom Robyn struggles to connect. It is a reboot of the namesake series that aired in the 1980s.

Terri Edda Miller and Andrew W. Marlowe are the creators of the show; they are also the showrunners with Adam Glass and Joseph C. Wilson. All of them are also executive producers along with Latifah, Liz Friedlander, Rob Hanning, and Richard Lindheim among others. The show premiered on February 7th and ended on May 23rd, 2021 with ten episodes. The Equalizer Season 4 has been airing since February 18th, 2024.

What Happened In The Equalizer Season 4 Episode 8?

The Equalizer Season 4 Episode 8 is called Condemned and it was released on May 5th, 2024. It was directed by Cheryl Dunye from a script by Rob Hanning and Joseph C. Wilson. In this episode, we see Marcus Dante (played by Tory Kittles) planning to go to a funeral with his father. He slowly realizes that the funeral is of a former partner of Big Ben.

What Happened In The Equalizer Season 4 Episode 8?
Credits: CBS

Meanwhile, a block party has been organized by neighbors of Robyn which she plans to attend. However, things drastically change after several criminals ambush and attack Dante and Big Ben. Robyn goes after them and a lot of action ensues.

She takes the help of Harry to find out the locations of these two men. They are eventually saved and Big Ben goes into a coma. Luckily his vitals denote that he will be okay. Towards the end, we also see Miles asking Robyn for a date.

What To Expect From The Equalizer Season 4 Episode 9?

The Equalizer Season 4 Episode 9 has been titled The Big Take and it’s helmed by Millicent Shelton. Onalee Hunter Hughes and Vanessa K. Herron have written the episode. A 21-second-long promo showcases someone attacking a convoy that transported the prisoners.

The masked people can be seen shooting and creating havoc. Robyn and her entire team circle around and try to find out who these people are. The promo suggests that they might be someone she knew.

Meanwhile, The Equalizer Season 4 Episode 9 will also feature a subplot involving the all-girls trip of Dee and Aunt Vi. All of them have been planning this trip for years but it gets affected by one woman who is found in their house. The episode will feature all the actors that have been featured in this season of The Equalizer.

We might also see the condition of Big Ben who was comatose. Overall, The Equalizer Season 4 Episode 9 has much to offer the audiences, and its plot will involve a lot of action sequences that will entertain the viewers.

Do We Have A Release Date?

The Equalizer Season 4 Episode 9 will be released on Sunday, May 12th, 2024 on CBS. It will be the penultimate episode as this season will only consist of 10 episodes with the finale dropping on May 19th.

Do We Have A Release Date?
Credits: TV Guide


The Equalizer Season 4 Episode 9 will continue telling the story of Robyn and the new cases she has to handle. The upcoming episode is another step toward the conclusion of Season 4 and it has a lot to offer in terms of action and other things. Viewers really want to watch the episode and they are eagerly waiting.