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One Day Season 2: Is It Coming? Everything We Know

One Day season 2

One Day is a British romantic drama series based on the eponymous 2009 novel written by David Nicholls. The series is also based on the 2011 film adaptation of the book which was also written by Nicholls. Upon its release, the series went on to receive critical acclaim for its powerful screenplay and strong acting performances of the lead.

One Day Season 2
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If you truly enjoyed the first season, you might be wondering when its second season will drop and whether it’s been confirmed or not. If you want to know more about it, continue reading.

What Is One Day All About?

Netflix’s One Day chronicles the relationship between Emma Morley (played by Ambika Mod) and Dexter Mayhew (Leo Woodall) spanning two decades. The duo meets at a graduation ball, which is a dance event, post-graduation from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

They fall in love and get into a relationship subsequently. The story starts in the year 1988 and goes on till 2007. In the 14th and final episode of the series titled Molly Manners, we get to how the sudden and shocking death of Emma has affected Dexted.

What Is One Day All About?
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He ventures into a path of self-destruction and starts consuming alcohol heavily. Leo is also hooked on cocaine. After a point, he passes out at his friend’s house, and his father takes him to their childhood house. Dexter is then visited by Graham, Tilly, Ian, and Sylvie and they try to comfort him in his difficult phase.

They talk about Emma and how she was. When everyone leaves, Dexter starts thinking about Emma as he has stored her belongings in the room. He then sees the spirit of Emma who tells him that he will not feel like this all the time.

The story takes a time jump to the year 2007 where we see Dexter, Jasmine alongside his father visit Edinburgh to see all the places Dexter and Emma went on their first day together. He then climbs Arthur’s Seat with Jasmine and thinks about his first kiss with Emma on the city steps.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Season?

One Day was created as a limited miniseries and the story reaches its conclusion towards the end. So far, the makers and the streaming platform have not confirmed that the series will be returning for a second season.

This is actually normal since they need to look at the parameters and the reception a show gets. Looking at the success of the first season, the makers might come up with a follow-up season or a spin-off.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Season?
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Despite the first season covering almost the entirety of its source material, there is a lot of stuff to explore in the second season. The potential second season can focus on how Dexter tries to rebuild his life after the devastating loss of Emma. It can also touch upon how he plays the role of Jasmine’s father. The storyline can also take a narrative jump of a few years and focus on the life of Jasmine as she navigates through everything.

Do We Have A Release Date?

So far, no. The makers of One Day are yet to confirm a second season and its release date. But looking at how long the first season took to complete, we can expect the second season (if it happens) to hit the streamer somewhere around 2026 or even before that.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

So far, the makers have not confirmed anything so all this is just speculation. If the second season happens, Leo Woodall is expected to return as Dexter. While Ambika’s character of Emma dies in the first season, we can see her making brief appearances through flashbacks in the follow-up season.

Other cast members including Eleanor Tomlinson (Slyvie), Essie Davis (Alison Mayhew), Tim McInnerny (Stephen Mayhew), and Billie Gadsdon (who plays the role of Jasmine) are expected to return for a second season.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
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One Day met with critical acclaim and widespread appreciation upon release. It received global attention and became the most-watched series internationally on the streaming platform. During the first week of its release, it amassed around 9.9 million views. This is enough proof that the series has been loved by people across the board, irrespective of their cast, culture, and language.
The emotional and sensitive love story of the two characters struck a chord with the viewers who felt the heartbreak the characters felt.

Amid a plethora of options in a variety of genres, One Day stands out as a refreshing and emotional roller coaster. It also echoes similar kinds of highly popular love stories about doomed romances. But what makes One Day different is its scattered timeline as well as the twist towards the end which is an emotional punch in the gut.

Another refreshing thing about the series is the casting of a girl of Indian Origin. Just like in the book, the makers went to cast appropriately and did not try to whitewash it which was a plus point. The emotional series was romantic, dramatic, and tear-jerking in equal measures which was fulfilling for the audiences to witness. Generally, romantic dramas are emotionally manipulative and the pays feel forced at times rather than earned.

However, in One Day all the payoffs are earned and there is not a single moment where it seems like something is done just for the effect. The entire plot is woven in an intricate manner and it works as a fulfilling platter for the viewers.

It works for both the people who have read the novel as well as those who don’t know anything about the story. We can hope that the makers find a way to create a follow-up and give an interesting storyline to both Dexter and Jasmine as well as all the other characters.

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