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The Girls on the Bus Episode 9 Preview: Release Date And more

The Girls on the Bus Episode 9 Preview: Release Date And more

The Girls on the Bus gives an interesting insight into how journalists trail presidential campaigns and the inner workings of both those worlds. This series is a nice blend of political drama with the personal drama of people involved in its reporting. The series started in March 2024.

The Girls on the Bus Episode 9 Preview
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The Girls on the Bus Episode 9 is going to be another exploration of the four journalists at the center of this series. We will be answering queries about its plot, when it might be released, and other stuff. So continue reading.

What Is The Girls on the Bus All About?

The Girls on the Bus is the screen adaptation of Chasing Hillary which is a memoir that was released in 2018. Amy Chozick wrote based on her experience of covering the presidential run of Hillary Clinton in two elections. She has created the show with Julie Plec.

The Girls on the Bus focuses on four journalists named Sadie McCarthy (played by Melissa Benoist), Grace Gordon Greene (Carla Gugino), Kimberlyn Anaya Kendrick (Christina Elmore) and Lola Rahaii (Natasha Behnam). All of them are covering the candidates for the presidency in the US elections as they are going through their own issues.

Chozick and Plec are also the executive producers of the show with Rina Mimoun, Sarah Schechter, Leigh London Redman, Marcos Siega and Jesse Peretz. The Girls on the Bus premiered on March 14th, 2024.

What Happened In The Girls on the Bus Episode 8?

The Girls on the Bus Episode 8 is called Life Is a Highway and it’s written by c and Tim Stack while Kyra Sedgwick directed it. It focuses on Blaine Novak who has been the top donor of Felicity Walker’s (Hettienne Park) who has been doing illegal and sinister activities.

What Happened In The Girls on the Bus Episode 8?
Credits: Screen Rant

This episode shows that after the girls exposed his wrongdoings, it directly impacted Walker’s poll results. Meanwhile, the mystery of the burner phone continues as Sadie is still looking into Declan Morales and who got him paid. Later, Sadie also gets an abortion done and receives help from Kimberly. Despite her opposite beliefs about the procedure, she helps her friend in trying times.

Another point in the episode is the personal turmoil in Grace’s life as her father has got his priorities shaken. Loafers, who was the father of Sadie’s child, is removed from his job. In the end, we really that the Nice Guy isn’t actually nice.

What To Expect From The Girls on the Bus Episode 9?

The Girls on the Bus Episode 9 is named Slouching Towards Brooklyn; Kevin A. Garnett and Jenna Richman are its writers. The prior episode showcased Felicity Walker’s campaign trail getting derailed after Sadie exposed her donor.

In this episode, we can expect Sadie to experience some sort of heat from Walker who is very powerful. While the politician has cut ties with him, her reputation has taken a strong dent. This was caused by Sadie’s work and so she will face trouble.

We can hope that the guy gets proven guilty of his crimes. Another thing is the person who had shared the burner phone with Sadie and as per the hints, it might be Hayden’s work. The next episode might shed some more focus on it.

Given his nature, Hayden might try to manipulate Sadie to derail his opponents in the election. This might also affect her professionally. The Girls on the Bus Episode 9 will feature all the actors from the prior episode including its leading ladies and other supporting names.

Do We Have A Release Date?

The Girls on the Bus Episode 9 will be released on May 2nd, 2024 on Max. Its duration will be between 40 and 50 minutes. Episode 9 will be the penultimate episode since the show will end with its 10th episode which is slated to drop on May 9th, 2024.

Do We Have A Release Date?
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The Girls on the Bus Episode 9 has made the viewers of this show really excited mainly because it shows the peak of the election for President the protagonists are covering. So much is happening in their lives and many of the plots will be uncovered in the next episode.