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The Reluctant Traveler Season 3: Is It Happening? Everything We Know

The Reluctant Traveler Season 3

In “The Reluctant Traveler,” Eugene Levy takes the audience on an international tour of fascinating places. Levy, who is renowned for his subtle charm and wit, brings his signature comedy to every journey while projecting a hesitant explorer persona.

Levy is reluctant, but his curiosity gets him to discover hidden treasures and distinctive cultural experiences in every place. Levy provides an entertaining perspective on travel with his attitude and humour! So far, fans have loved the two seasons of the show and now are wondering if they’re getting another season of “The Reluctant Traveler” any time soon.

If you’re one of them, we have got you covered, so let’s get into it.

How Did The Previous Season End?

In the second season of “The Reluctant Traveler,” Eugene Levy sets off on a journey that explores his cultural background and past in more detail. The second episode, which takes place in Scotland, adds meaning to the season, as Levy discovers his mother’s lineage for the first time.

Initially, the season suffers from a lack of variety in setting. The show moves from humorous travelogues to poignant insights when he explores Glasgow and discovers family history.

How Did The Previous Season End?
Credits: Apple TV+

Throughout the episodes in Europe, Levy confronts his boundaries and apprehensions, showcasing his comedic reluctance to embrace unfamiliar experiences. Levy’s respectful engagement with local culture is evident despite his occasional moments of privilege and irritation.

Whether it’s hiking the Caminito del Rey or going truffle hunting in Tuscany, his desire to push beyond his comfort zone reflects the show’s central theme, which is the importance of facing fear and embracing new experiences.

Beyond its superficial portrayal as a celebrity travelogue, “The Reluctant Traveler” goes beyond its surface as the season ends with Levy sailing the Mediterranean and thinking back on his trip. The series not only entertains viewers but also encourages them to think about how they are to step outside of their comfort zones and explore the vast universe that awaits discovery.

Are We Getting Another Season Of The Reluctant Traveler?

As of now, we don’t have an official announcement of another season of “The Reluctant Traveler”. However, ​​Eugene Levy expresses his eagerness for a potential third season of “The Reluctant Traveler,” citing his enjoyment of the show’s production.

Despite no official word from Apple, Levy remains hopeful, indicating a willingness to continue if invited. He reflects on the positive impact the series has had on him personally, emphasizing the importance of experiencing something before forming a judgment.

Are We Getting Another Season Of The Reluctant Traveler?
Credits: Apple TV+

While Levy admits that travel isn’t necessarily his primary passion, he finds fulfilment in the connections forged with people he encounters along the way. Throughout his travels, he cherishes the opportunity to engage with locals and gain insight into their cultures.

However, true to the show’s title, Levy maintains a degree of hesitation towards travel itself, acknowledging that while he’s enjoying the experiences overall, there are moments of reluctance. Despite this, he remains open to the journey, embracing the unknown and finding joy in the new encounters and discoveries that each location brings.

What Can Fans Expect From It?

In a potential third season of “The Reluctant Traveler”, viewers can expect Levy to delve even deeper into his journey, combining his initial reluctance with the curiosity and openness he has developed. The show will likely continue to highlight the diverse and rich cultures of various destinations, with Levy engaging meaningfully with the locals, gaining insight into their lives and traditions.

As always, his interactions with the people he meets will be a focal point, offering heartfelt and often humorous exchanges.

What Can Fans Expect From It?
Credits: Apple TV+

We don’t have an official announcement about season three so it is difficult to guess where the next destination will be, however, we will be updating this article as soon as we get more information regarding the show and its future so stay tuned.

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While there is no official announcement yet about a third season of “The Reluctant Traveler,” Eugene Levy’s enthusiasm for continuing the series offers hope for fans. Levy’s charm and humour have made the show a hit, and a potential new season promises even deeper cultural explorations and meaningful interactions with locals.

Despite his initial hesitations, Levy’s journey has shown the joys of stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Stay tuned for updates, as we anticipate more adventures and heartfelt moments from this beloved travel series.

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