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The Atypical Family Episode 11 Review: The Bok Family Finally Comes Together

The Atypical Family Episode 11 Review

The Atypical Family, Netflix’s K-drama that revolves around the Bok family, which has superpowers, is now coming to an end, and the penultimate episode is now available on the streaming platform. The Atypical Family Episode 11 is one of the happier episodes of the series, however, it did end on a grim note, making it absolutely perfect for the viewers before the series finale.

In this episode, we witness some of the best performances from the cast members, and the focus primarily stays on Bok Gwi-ju and Do Da-hae, albeit, other characters are also paid attention to as their character arcs are completed before the finale. Atypical Family Episode 11 does a good job of tying up some loose ends while keeping the suspense alive and the viewers guessing until the very last episode.

Do Da-hae Blends in with the Bok Family

The Atypical Family Episode 11 begins with some wholesome moments between Bok Gwi-ju and Do Da-hae as they spend time together before they have to hop back into reality with their responsibilities and the involvement of other people. This particular scene was the perfect opening to the penultimate episode as it shows just how far Gwi-ju and Da-hae’s story has come.

Do Da-hae Blends in with the Bok Family
Credit: Netflix

Once both protagonists of The Atypical Family head back into reality, there’s plenty to unpack as this particular takes us through different characters who have played key roles in this series. Bok Dong-hee is paid special attention to, and although her upcoming nuptials do fall apart in this episode, she finds herself and her power once again, with the help of Da-hae and Grace.

As for Mrs. Bok and her dreams, Da-hae concludes that while those dreams can show the future, no matter how bad, it all rests on how those dreams are interpreted, which also gives viewers some hope for the ultimate fate of Gwi-ju. By this point, the Bok family has accepted Da-hae as one of their own, which only adds to the wholesome element of the Atypical Family Episode 11.

Atypical Family Episode 11
Credit: Netflix

The penultimate episode continues to tie loose ends throughout the runtime and one might be a little too hopeful until they reach the end. Must all good things come to an end? Gwi-ju had previously promised Da-hae that he wouldn’t go back and save her until he was much older, which promised his safety, but that might not be the case.

Credit: Netflix


It will be interesting to see how The Atypical Family concludes its story and whether the Bok family will have a happy ending with Bok Gwi-ju still alive. Make sure you check out our review of the series finale following its release because you wouldn’t want to miss out!

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