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Frankly Speaking Episodes 5 & 6 Review: Introduction of a New Character And More Drama

Frankly Speaking Season 2

Frankly Speaking is a very popular South Korean series that is in the melodrama genre. It’s Episodes 5 & 6 take forward the story and offer new dramas to the viewers.

Frankly Speaking Episodes 5 & 6
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The series is about Song Ki-baek (played by Go Kyung-pyo) who works for a radio station and gets into trouble after he reaches a weird state where he doesn’t think while or before speaking anything. So let us look into its fifth and sixth episodes and how they are.

Ki-Baek Joins A Reality Show

Episode 5 showcases On Jeong-Heon joining a reality show created by Woo-Joo. The format makes sure that Jeong-Heon is the only celebrity on this show. Ki-Baek also shows up and his awkwardness is very palpable and makes you think twice about him. Despite getting help from other contestants, Ki-Baek and his team had to taste defeat at the hands of Jeong-Heon.

Ki-Baek Joins A Reality Show
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All this drama unfolds at a fast pace and is really engaging. However, the school flashback sequence that follows looks redundant and feels like it was put for drama. We also get a hint that Woo-Joo has feelings for K-Beak and he doesn’t know about it.

A mountain hiking activity takes place as the episode ends. This is a part of the show and some banter takes place which eventually leads to Ki-Baek falling from the mountain. Episode 5 ends with Woo-Joo confessing her feelings for him.

The episode is consistent with its dose of high drama along with the development of characters on all fronts. The inclusion of a sweet story of love is a nice touch amid all the happenings. This made the episode more humane and has much to like about it overall.

Cho-Hui Is Introduced

Episode 6 of Frankly Speaking picks from the accident that took place during the show. The bond between Ki-Baek and the girl is growing strong and they might take things more seriously. The organizers reveal that the main catch of the show is that all the girls are the first love of the men who have participated.

They explain that first loves are hard to forget so the viewers will be drawn to watch all the drama as it will lead to some romantic and interesting situations on the show. At the center of all this is a lady Cho-Hui. Later in the game, Ki-Baek is picked by Cho-Hui and it surprises everyone given his way of speaking.

Cho-Hui Is Introduced
Credits: Meaww

The episode also showcases a conversation between him and Woo-Joo where the latter reveals that it was his notebook that eventually became the germ of the show. A very interesting banter between them follows which is a showcase of sharp writing of dialogues. As the episode nears its end, we are shown that Woo-Joo will finally replace Yu-Yeong. This will make her a part of the show officially. It will also make things easier between her and Ki-Baek and their love life can flourish.

The sixth episode doesn’t have much of events compared to the earlier episode. The focus is mainly on the dynamics of Woo-Joo and Ki-Baek as love is happening between the two as they take part in the show. However, it manages to deliver what is expected from it and takes forward the story which also carries the relationship story of its protagonists.

The introduction of new angles in the episodes makes it interesting and continues to hook the viewers. However, the writing falls flat in multiple places throughout both episodes. The long durations can be cut short to some minutes. This will make the episodes more crisp and engaging.

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Frankly Speaking Episodes 5 & 6 is a step towards the conclusion of this series. Many moments feel very high on melodrama that are unnecessary. However, given the nature of this show and many K-dramas, we can’t complain.

The series remains true to what it has been delivering since the maiden episodes. The performances of its cast including Go Kyung-pyo and Joo Jong-hyuk as well as are really good. Their skills keep the episodes engaging and make them fun to watch. Overall, both episodes are fun if you enjoy shows in the melodrama genre.

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