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This Town: Release Date, Plot, Trailer And More

This Town

This Town is an upcoming British TV series in the drama genre. It is created and written by Steven Knight while Paul Whittingham is the director. There will be six episodes in the series and it has been a much-awaited show of the year 2024.

This Town
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Ever since the trailer was released, fans have wanted to know the details of This Town like when and where will it be released, and the plot details among other things. This article will answer all the questions you are looking for about the BBC One show so continue reading.

What is This Town All About?

This Town chronicles the Williams family which is extended and consists of four members. They are really into different genres of music. The musical boom took place during the late 1970s to 1980s and helped in uniting people irrespective of their background. Amid this, the storyline mainly focuses on the creation of a band.

It is produced by Charlotte Surtees and Tim Whitby while Laura Conway, Nick Angel, Karen Wilson, Martin Haines, Jo McClellan, Steven Knight, Katie McAleese and Matthew James Wilkinson are the executive producers.

What Is The Cast Of This Town?

This Town stars a variety of interesting and really talented actors. Actor and musician Levi Brown is playing the role of Dante Williams, Jordan Bolger is starring as Gregory Williams and Ben Rose is Bardon Quinn.

What Is The Cast Of This Town?
Credits: IMDb

Apart from them, the show also has Eve Austin (Jeannie Keefe), Michelle Dockery (Estella), Nicholas Pinnock (Deuce Williams), David Dawson (Robbie Carmen), Geraldine James (Marie) and Freya Parks (Fiona). Actors like Peter McDonald, Shyvonne Ahmmad, John Heffernan and Stefan Asante-Boateng are also playing pivotal roles.

Do We Have A Release Date?

This Town has been planned to be released on March 31st, 2024 Sunday on BBC One. At around 6 am, the episodes can also be streamed on the BBC iPlayer platform. The episodes will drop at 9 pm and the later episodes will be released on a weekly basis on the nights of every Sunday around the same time. The sixth and final episode will drop on Sunday, April 28th, 2024.

Do We Have A Trailer?

On March 15th, the official trailer of This Town was released which was immensely loved by audiences across the countries. The video is nearly two minutes and 26 seconds long and it consists of some really interesting visuals from the show.

It starts with a guy walking on the road with headphones on and the voiceover says, ‘You walk away from every day. Nothing much to make you stay and bloody hell you hear a bell ring across the wishing well.’

We are then introduced to Steven Knight the person behind the show who had also created the successful and acclaimed Peaky Blinders. This immediately raises excitement as well as expectations from the show. The trailer shows a riot in Birmingham in 1981 and we are introduced to the main character Dante Williams. Slowly, the other members of the same extended family appear in the trailer.

It features a montage of shots involving Dante getting beaten, and him almost jumping from a bridge. However, things change when he starts working on music. As the trailer progresses, we see the crescendo of many engaging scenes that tell the story of the family and their pursuit of music.

It ends with Dante and another character talking about their work and if it ends up mediocre. The trailer is really gripping and doesn’t let the viewers figure out the entire plot. We only get very limited information that generates excitement.


This Town is a really exciting story about music from the 1980s when the nation was going through many things. Amid all the turmoil, it focuses on some people trying to create a band. The name of Steven Knight is a reason enough for people to watch the show since his creation Peaky Blinders remains a masterpiece in every aspect.

The series will have six episodes which means that it is concise and very well-thought-out structure. This means that we won’t be bored with unlimited episodes and the story will be gripping. Hence, it has many factors to look forward to.

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