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Tour de France: Unchained Season 2 Netflix Release Date Revealed

Netflix has been the home of many very interesting shows in fiction. But we are also witnessing a surge in many documentary films and shows in recent years that focus on different subjects. They have entertained the viewers and one such series is Tour de France: Unchained.

Tour de France: Unchained Season 2
Credits: What’s On Netflix

Right after it premiered, fans and people who are into the namesake cycling tournament have been really excited. Now, viewers are curious about Tour de France: Unchained Season 2 and questions around it since they loved the first season. So read on since we have answered it.

What Is Tour de France: Unchained All About?

Tour de France: Unchained focuses on eight teams participating in the Tour de France which involves road cycling. The show examines the 2022 edition of the racing event and we are shown how the cyclists and others involved work and go through for it. The series is a joint venture between two countries, the United Kingdom as well as France since the main event happens in France.

The language is also English and French. Yann Le Bourbouach, James Gay-Rees, Amelia Hann, and Paul Martin are the executive producers of the show. They had also created Formula 1: Drive to Survive for Netflix. The series premiered on June 8th, 2023 on Netflix and had eight episodes each ranging with a runtime of 45 minutes.

How Did Tour de France: Unchained Season 1 End?

The final episode of the series was its eighth entry and it was called Road to Paris. It was released on June 8th along with all the episodes. The episode examined how all the sprinters were competing in Paris during the tournament.

We also see Fabio Jakobsen finally seeing his victorious glory. Meanwhile, Tadej Pogačar is competing with Wout van Aert and Jonas Vingegaard as they try to reach the line to finish the race.

How Did Tour de France: Unchained Season 1 End?
Credits: What’s On Netflix

The focus was always on the eight teams out of 22 that competed in the tournament. However, Tadej later decided to not appear after UAE Team Emirates, his own team, decided to quit from the tournament. This was a shocker for everyone who was rooting for him.

Is Tour de France: Unchained Season 2 Happening?

A few days after the first season premiered, Netflix renewed Tour de France: Unchained Season 2. This really filled the fans of this docu-series with who enjoyed the first season for its adrenaline-filled moments from a massive cycling tournament.

Since the first season was well-received and enjoyed really good viewership on Netflix, it did not surprise anyone when the renewal happened.

Do We Have A Trailer?

Netflix released a teaser for Tour de France: Unchained Season 2 on May 16th which ran for one minute and 17 seconds. It reveals that the second season will focus on the 2023 edition of Tour de France which took place from 1st to 23rd July.

The teaser begins with a participant saying, ‘This is surely the toughest test in the world’, while another one says, ‘It’s cut-throat and savage.’ We are then shown different montages of some really interesting moments from Tour de France: Unchained Season 2.

The teaser also showcases everyone emphasizing the risk involved but also admitting that things are not in anyone’s control in this tournament. The viewers are then thrown into the dangers these cyclists face as they topple or fall off their bikes during the race. There is also a hint that one of the cyclists loses his life during the tournament which changes perspectives.

Tour de France: Unchained Season 2 will be released on Tuesday, June 11th, 2024 on Netflix. The second season might also have eight episodes with a similar duration.

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Tour de France: Unchained was really loved by sports fans especially those who are into cycling tournaments. The first season chronicled the 2022nd edition while Tour de France: Unchained Season 2 will explore everything that happened during the 2023 Tour de France. We will witness much drama in this and even more than the earlier one.

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