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Under the Bridge Season 2: Is It Happening? Everything We Know

Under the Bridge Season 2

Under the Bridge has emerged as a very engaging series that is based on a true incident. Adapted from journalist Rebecca Godfrey’s eponymous book which examines the homicide of Reena Virk which was done with a bunch of teenagers in November 1997 in Canada.

Under the Bridge Season 2

Quinn Shephard has created the series and is also the executive producer with Godfrey, Samir Mehta, Stacey Silverman, Geeta Vasant Patel, and Stacey Silverman among others. The series premiered on April 17th, 2024 and its final episode recently aired which was well received. Since then, fans have been looking into whether Under the Bridge Season 2 will happen.

How Did Under the Bridge End?

The final episode of Under the Bridge was called Mercy Alone and it was released on Wednesday, May 29th, 2024 on Hulu. Kelly is going under trial for the killing of Reena Virk. All her friends eventually turn against her and decide to testify. These names include Maya, Dusty and Laila. However, Josephine decides not to do that. Meanwhile, we see Rebecca still have a corner for Warren as she tells him to go out and give him testimony.

After meeting with Suman, Warren decides to testify which changes the case. Warren reveals chilling details of how he physically tortured Reena with Kelly and the latter eventually drowned her. However, Kelly denies her involvement but the evidence makes her guilty. The court gives her a five-year jail term.

Later, Cam is trying to console Rebecca who suspects that Gabe died by suicide. Eventually, Rebecca published her book. Suman and Rebecca passed away in 2018 and 2022 respectively. In 2010, Warren got a parole and Kelly was also given parole in 2016.

Is Under the Bridge Season 2 Happening?

Hulu has not confirmed Under the Bridge Season 2 since it was made as a miniseries. However, we have seen how streaming platforms decide to greenlight even miniseries if the response has been great. The first season was based on a book which itself was based on a real case.

The series covers the entirety of the case and the source material. But there is good news since the creators have hinted at the possibility of a follow-up season.

Under the Bridge Episode 7 Recap
Credits: Hulu

What To Expect From It?

Samir Mehta, who is the executive producer and director of the show, spoke about Under the Bridge Season 2. He stated that the theme of the show is that such stories keep continuing. He said that there is no clarity regarding the format of the anthology the show will adapt. However, he revealed that Under the Bridge Season 2 might focus on the character of Lily. We might see the cop working on a different case.

The makers also mentioned that the cast was amazing and they love to collaborate again for the second time for Under the Bridge Season 2.

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Who Will Be In The Cast?

Under the Bridge Season 2 might retain Lily Gladstone for the role of police officer Cam Bentland. As the makers have hinted that she will do another case, we can expect the rest of the cast to consist of mostly new actors. The makers can opt for another true crime incident and probably a book as the source material.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
Credits: Rotten Tomatoes

We don’t know when it will be released since no announcement has been made. Speculations can be only done if Hulu confirms Under the Bridge Season 2 since such shows are very time-consuming and draining for everyone. The viewers will have to wait for any development regarding the next season. This genre is growing, so it will be greenlit for sure.


Under the Bridge is a gripping series that tackles a grim and tragic true incident involving teenage bullying and murder. The case is popular in Canada and the show has made it popular for people in different countries.

Right when the final episode aired, fans who had enjoyed the show were demanding Under the Bridge Season 2. We can expect Hulu and the makers to give cheerful news to fans and share developments about it.

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