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Tracker Season 2: Is It Happening? Everything We Know So Far

Tracker Season 2

“Tracker” follows skilled hunter and survivalist Colter Shaw (Justin Hartley) as he assists law enforcement and the public in exchange for financial gain. Drawing from Jeffery Deaver’s book “The Never Game,” the series explores Shaw’s travels, solving riddles and avoiding danger.

The first season is going to come to an end soon and fans are already wondering whether they’re getting another season or not. Let’s find out details about “Tracker” season 2.

Has Tracker Been Renewed For Another Season?

CBS has made a bold move by renewing “Tracker” for a second season even before the conclusion of its inaugural season. In an era where post-strike year renewals are less common, the network’s swift decision reflects the series’ immediate impact and success.

“Trackers” initial strong viewership was probably influenced by its post-Super Bowl 2024 premiere, but it has demonstrated that it can maintain its popularity after the usual new show honeymoon time.

Has Tracker Been Renewed For Another Season?
Credits: Prime Video

When Will It Release?

In May 2024, Comic book stated that CBS had confirmed the much-anticipated return of Tracker for a second season in the fall. Sunday night episodes will air once a week, offering viewers another exciting dive into the show’s enigmatic universe.

When Will It Release?
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What Can Fans Expect From It?

In the first-season finale of Tracker, Justin Hartley’s character, Colter Shaw, set off on a dangerous quest to find Lizzy Hawking’s missing kid. Colter’s tracking skills were put to the test when tensions were high, exploring a mystery with deep personal consequences. After Teddi and Velma were ruled out, Colter called on Reenie and Bobby, which resulted in an effective conclusion. 

However, the ending hints at more profound family mysteries that might be connected to Colter’s terrible background. The second season is expected to solve these puzzles by delving into the complex network of his family’s past and any connections to mysteries.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

Justin Hartley‘s reprisal as Colter Shaw in Tracker Season 2 is confirmed, bringing back his enigmatic presence. Known figures like Eric Graise as Bobby, Fiona Rene as Reenie, Abby McEnany as Velma Bruin, and Robin Weigert as Teddi Bruin will be joining him.

With their return, the stage is set for another season of mystery, twists, and the unwavering search for the truth, captivating viewers with their gripping performances yet again.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
Credits: Prime Video

Additionally, “Tracker” has a tradition of featuring notable guest stars in each episode, further enriching the narrative. As for who these guest stars might be in the upcoming season, it remains a mystery, adding to the anticipation surrounding the show’s return.

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As “Tracker” gears up for its highly anticipated second season, fans are eagerly awaiting the continuation of Colter Shaw’s thrilling adventures and the unravelling of the show’s captivating mysteries. With CBS’s early renewal and the promise of more suspenseful narratives and action-packed scenes, expectations are running high for what lies ahead.

As viewers eagerly anticipate the return of their favourite characters and the introduction of new twists and turns, “Tracker” season 2 promises to deliver another exhilarating ride filled with intrigue, danger, and unexpected revelations!

As the release date stays under wraps, fans can hardly contain their excitement for the next chapter in Colter Shaw’s journey, making “Tracker” one of the most anticipated series of our times.

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