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Outer Range Season 3: Is It Happening? Everything We Know

Outer Range Season 3

Outer Range is a very interesting and successful series that has a fusion of science fiction and neo-western elements. Brian Watkins created this series and it revolves around a rancher named Royal Abbott who sees a void appearing mysteriously near his house. Amid this, he is also dealing with issues related to his land as well as his family.

Outer Range Season 3
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The series started in 2022 and became a success; a second season aired in May 2024. Since then, people who have loved the show want to know if Outer Range Season 3 is happening or not.

How Did Outer Range Season 2 End?

The final episode of Outer Range Season 2 was called The End of Innocence and it was a directorial work of Catriona McKenzie while Jenna Westover and Cameron Litvack.

The episode, along with the entire second season, was released on May 16th, 2024 on Amazon Prime Video. We see Royal and Cecilia are looking for Amy and Rebecca. Later, Wayne is consumed by the massive flames and the scene comes as a shocker for viewers.

This happens after he burns his own house. Perry goes into the hole in the past timeline and it results in his younger self dying. Later, a fight between Joy, Luke, and Autumn takes place and it ends with Autumn falling into the hole after getting shot. We see Perry and Amy together in the past time. Royal goes to a hospital where Ceci welcomes him. But it was all a dream and he saw Autumn in front of him.

Is Outer Range Season 3 Happening?

Amazon Prime Video has not confirmed anything about Outer Range Season 3. However, since the show has just concluded, we should wait for some time. This is because the makers and streamers will have to take the whole viewership into account before greenlighting another season.

Is Outer Range Season 3 Happening?
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We should be hopeful since the second season leaves us with questions and doesn’t have a concrete ending. Josh Brolin, who is also an executive producer of the show, has hinted about Outer Range Season 3. Charles Murray has also revealed that Josh has an idea for a third season on which they have been working.

What To Expect From It?

Outer Range Season 3 will pick from where the earlier season ended. We will see what Autumn meant by their last words to Royal. The third season might continue to showcase multiple timelines set in different periods.

We might also see another hole appearing in Wyoming while Royal’s struggle will continue. The confusion surrounding all the timelines and their events will continue in the next season as well. Overall, some clarity over the plot will only happen once the makers officially confirm that Outer Range Season 3 is actually happening.

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Who Will Be In The Cast?

Outer Range Season 3 will have its main cast return. This includes Josh Brolin (portraying Royal Abbott), Imogen Poots (Autumn), Lili Taylor (Cecilia Abbott), Tom Pelphrey (Perry Abbott), Tamara Podemski (Joy Hawk who is the deputy sheriff), Lewis Pullman (Rhett Abbott), Noah Reid (Billy Tillerson), Shaun Sipos (Luke Tillerson), Olive Abercrombie (Amy Abbott) and Isabel Arraiza (Maria Olivares).

We might also see some new actors joining the cast in Outer Range Season 3 if new characters are introduced.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
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The third season might be released by late 2025 if the makers have the storyline ready. This is just a speculation and we will have to wait to see the developments. The first season dropped in 2022 while the second was released in 2024. The one-year gap was probably due to the strikes which are not happening again. Hence, we can speculate Outer Range Season 3 to release in 2025.


Outer Range has some really interesting plot devices and time jumps that make it a very interesting watch. The series perfectly blends the Western genre tropes with modern science fiction and the result is a show that is very entertaining and forces us to piece together.

Fans really want to watch Outer Range Season 3 since the second season concluded. We can expect this season to answer many questions that the earlier season had raised that had confused the viewers.

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