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Under the Bridge Episode 7 Preview: Release Date And More

Under the Bridge Episode 6 Preview

Under the Bridge is a very intriguing and powerful crime drama series based on a terrifying yet heartbreaking story of a real incident. The miniseries falls under the true crime genre and ticks all its boxes. It started in April and so far six episodes are available to view.

Under the Bridge Episode 7 Preview
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Under the Bridge Episode 7 is the upcoming episode and viewers are hooked on the show. They are looking for answers about what it will reveal and when it will drop on the streaming platform. Read on as we will answer them.

What Is Under the Bridge All About?

Under the Bridge was created by Quinn Shephard and it is taken from the namesake book by journalist Rebecca Godfrey which was released in 2005. The series focuses on the homicide case of Reena Virk (played by Vritika Gupta) which happened on November 14, 1997, in Canada. The case was widely covered by the media around that time, mainly due to the bullying angle in it. The series also stars Lily Gladstone, Javon Walton, Izzy G, and Archie Panjabi among others.

Godfrey and Shephard are also the executive producers of the show along with Samir Mehta, Geeta Vasant Patel, Gina Gammell, Liz Tigelaar, Tara Duncan, Tara Duncan and Riley Keough. Under the Bridge premiered on April 17th, 2024.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

Under the Bridge Episode 6 was called In the Water They Sink the Same and it was released on May 15th, 2024. Shephard helmed the episode and co-wrote it with Samir Mehta. It showcases the arrest of four people who were named in the murder case of Reena Virk.

These are Dusty Pace (played by Aiyana Goodfellow), Josephine Bell (Chloe Guidry), Maya, Laila and Eve as well as Willow. Meanwhile, Kelly Ellard (Izzy G) and Warren Glowatski (Javon Walton) are also taken by the cops.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?
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All of them had hit Reena while Kelly and Warren had actually taken the life of Reena around the bridge. Prior to their arrest, we see Warren almost surrendering at a dance event at school. We also see Rebecca Godfrey (Riley Keough) continue to try to save Warren.

A very disturbing thing happens when we see the killer instincts of Jo and Kelly coming up as they plan to finish Dusty. Thankfully it doesn’t happen as Josephine saves her. Josephine realizes the killer in Kelly.

What To Expect From Under the Bridge Episode 7?

Under the Bridge Episode 7 is called Three and Seven and it will be the penultimate for this season. The episode was written by Todd Crittenden while Dinh Thai took the responsibilities of a director. We will finally see in this episode that Rebecca starts to have doubts about her faith in Warren who was directly responsible for the killing of Reena Virk. This change was bound to happen since Rebecca was unaware of the details and had an emotional connection with her.

Meanwhile, Cam Bentland (played by Lily Gladstone) will be facing some tough questions. Under the Bridge Episode 7 will also finally reveal the terrifying details of what actually happened the day Reena was killed. The trial will start since all the accused are behind bars, which was shown in the prior episode.

All of them will be facing sentences which is what happened in the true case it’s based on. The episode can also have the influential family of Kelly trying to have the sentences lowered but that is unlikely to happen given the nature of the crime and the evidence against everyone including Kelly.

Do We Have A Release Date?

Under the Bridge Episode 7 will release on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024 on Hulu at 3 am (ET). Its duration should be around 40 to 55 minutes. The finale episode will also be released next week. The episodes are also available on Disney+ in different regions.

Do We Have A Release Date?
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Under the Bridge is made with sensitivity which was needed because of the case involved as its main subject. The makers walk a very narrow kind of thread and the result is a very taught and engaging series. Under the Bridge Episode 7 will reveal more details about the tragic case.

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