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Under The Bridge Episode 8 Recap: What Really Happened?

Under the Bridge Episode 6 Preview

Under the Bridge is a very engaging miniseries in the true crime genre. Lately, this genre has exploded and we have witnessed makers coming up with many films and shows in this realm. This season of Under the Bridge has reached its conclusion and fans have been very eager to witness it.

So let us take a look into Under The Bridge Episode 8 and examine if it delivers the hype of the last episode.

Under The Bridge Episode 8
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Reena Virk Gets Justice

Under the Bridge is created by Quinn Shephard and it was adapted from the namesake book which was penned by journalist Rebecca Godfrey. The series examines the murder case of Reena Virk which happened on November 14th, 1997 in Canada. Before her demise, Rebecca had also served as one of the executive producers of this show.

Under The Bridge Episode 8 is called Mercy Alone and it was released on May 29th, 2024 on Hulu. It is written by Samir Mehta while Dinh Thai is the director. We see the trial taking place for all the people responsible for the tragic death of Virk. It is more tragic because she considered those teenagers her close friends. But they ended up brutally killing her under one of the bridges.

We see all the people involved getting trailed including Josephine Bell (played by Chloe Guidry), Warren Glowatski (played by Javon Walton aka Wanna) and Kelly Ellard (played by Izzy G) as well as Dusty Pace (played by Aiyana Goodfellow). Kelly’s influential family is unable to help her with the legal clutches surrounding her.

Dusty is Moving Away from The Gang

all the girls and is now feeling guilty about it. Dusty is now moving away from them and doesn’t want to be around them because of the acts they committed. Warren Glowatski was jailed for killing Reena and the court concluded that he would face a life sentence in prison. Later, his Metis roots have also helped him get parole. In June 2010, Warren was released from prison through parole.

Dusty is Moving Away from The Gang
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Justice Is Served

Before Under The Bridge Episode 8 also shows the fate of the rest of the perpetrators. Kelly was convicted on two occasions from a trial that she faced on three instances. In 2022, her parole hearing was rejected and meanwhile, she had moved and gotten married.

Meanwhile, Nicole Cook was also tried for her involvement in the killing of Reena. She had burnt Reena’s face with a cigarette and was there when the killing took place. Before Under The Bridge Episode 8 also shows how the perspective of Rebecca Godfrey towards the girls especially Josephine has changed.

She earlier believed in her innocence but now evidences clearly point out that she was directly into murdering Reena. Rebecca now despises her and decides to not visit the trials of her.

Justice Is Served
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Under The Bridge Episode 8 also showcased a very emotional punch when we are introduced to the real facts from this heartbreaking case towards the end. Reena had a troubled relationship with her family and was lonely, looking for companionship.

All the girls ganged up on her and decided to torture her to death that day. There is a strong undertone of racism in this since Reena was an Indian-Canadian girl with roots in Punjab, India.

It is speculated that all the killers had a disdain for immigrants in their country and wanted to put Reena in her place. Her family continues to grieve as justice is served. However, what is shocking is that all of the perpetrators were in their teenage years and were kids when they committed this ghastly crime.


Under The Bridge is a very tight and engaging miniseries that takes from the real pages of an event that actually happened. Its treatment is sensitive and not sensationalistic which is easy to do.

Under The Bridge Episode 8 takes the story to its engaging and explosive finale which crescendos all the plot points related to the case. Fans really enjoyed the final episode but are sad that a second season might not happen since it’s a miniseries.

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