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Unexpected Season 6: Release Date And Everything We Know

Unexpected Season 6

Unexpected is a popular reality television show which airs on TLC. The series premiered on Nov 12th, 2017, and concluded on January 1st, 2018. After multiple successful seasons, the fifth season of this acclaimed show started in 2022 and its 12th episode ended at a dramatic point and mesmerized the viewers.

Unexpected Season 6
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The series explores the issue of pregnancy among teenage girls and its repurcussion as well as how society sees it. Since the fifth season has aired, viewers are eager to find out if Unexpected Season 6 is going to be commissioned by TLC or not. Read on as we take a look into this.

What Is Happening In Unexpected Season 5?

The 12th episode of Unexpected Season 5 aired on May 22nd, 2022, on TLC and it was called Giving Birth Was Supposed To Be A Happy Thing. We saw the mother of Jenna thinking too much about the rapport shared with Aden. She is worried and eventually decides to confront him for the same. Meanwhile, Lawrence and Lilly go out to check for a venue made for lavish weddings.

This uplifts their mood. Later, the episode also showed Taylor preparing for her day of induction in college and she is really excited. It is also the birthday of Ella and Tiarra plans to give her a surprise for it. She decides to fly to Kentucky for it. We also see Emersyn trying to adjust in the house belonging to Mason.

Is Unexpected Season 6 Happening?

TLC gave a greenlight to Unexpected Season 6 in early May this year considering its popularity and social relevance. The show has been able to bring the taboo subject of pregnancy among teenagers into the mainstream which has led to its success. We can expect the next season to continue doing that.

Is Unexpected Season 6 Happening?
Credits: US Weekly

What To Expect From It?

Unexpected Season 6 will have five couples at its center. We will witness them struggling with pregnancy, parenthood at a very young age, and preeclampsia among others. It will showcase family members of the kids including their own parents and sometimes even grandparents providing help and support to them. The format of Unexpected Season 6 will be the same as all the prior seasons.

We will also see two couples returning from the earlier seasons along with the entry of three new ones. It will showcase a guy taking care of his pregnant partner and even giving up on his career for it. Another one is a girl struggling to cope with the pressure of bodily changes and other things.

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Cast And Release Date of Unexpected Season 6

Unexpected Season 6 will be released on Monday, June 3rd, 2024 at 9 pm ET on TLC. Seeking Sister Wives might get replaced with this latest season. The cast will be almost the same as the earlier season including Lilly Bennett and Jenna Ronan.

While Lily is planning to get married, Jenna will reveal who her boyfriend is. Since the shooting of Unexpected Season 6, a certain time has passed which means the crew has gone through changes.

In 2023, Jenna birthed another child. Lawrence and Lilly have been planning to get married. The upcoming season will also show how Jenna and JJ had parted ways earlier. We will get a peek into their lives and we will witness how their lives have been going amid so many changes. Jenna had also split with Aden Albright who is the father of Luca.

Meanwhile, Lawrence and Lily are also gearing up for their special day while they are parenting a kid. We will also see Nate and Emalee, Graham and Kayleigh. The latter’s mother does not believe in them working out their issues. Another couple would be Aniyah and Dakwon who are also struggling.


Unexpected is an important show because it explores a very poignant issue in our society. The show has been successful because of its sensitive treatment as well as the honesty of all the couples featured in it.

Fans are really happy and waiting for Unexpected Season 6 to drop since it’s a special season. We will see a mix of couples shown before as well as two new entries in this season.

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