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WondLa: Apple TV+ Release Date, Cast, Plot And More


In 2024, Apple TV has had some impressive releases as far as series go, including Palm Royale, Loot, Sugar, and Dark Matter amongst others, and joining this competitive roster is the upcoming animated series, WondLa. Based on Tony DiTerlizzi’s bestselling book series The Search for WondLa, this seven-episode adventure is brought to life by Skydance Animation and boasts a stellar voice cast and creative team. 

The more you know about WondLa, the more you fall in love with the story and animation that encompasses it, which is why we’re to tell you all about it. This eagerly anticipated animated series is around the corner so make sure you stick around to learn all you need to know about its plot, cast, and more.

What is the Plot of WondLa?

The story of this series revolves around Eva Nine, a spirited and curious teenager who has been raised in a high-tech underground bunker by her robot caretaker, Muthr. On her 16th birthday, an attack forces Eva to emerge from her bunker and into the surface world of Orbona, a place teeming with alien life and exotic flora.

With no other humans in sight, Eva embarks on a quest to find her kind, accompanied by Otto, a telepathic giant water bear, and Rovender, an alien with a complicated past. Together, they navigate this strange new world, seeking safety and answers about Eva’s origins and true destiny.

The Cast of WondLa

The series features a talented voice cast that brings depth and dimension to its richly imagined characters. Jeanine Mason, known for her work in Roswell, New Mexico, voices the adventurous and determined protagonist of WondLa, Eva Nine.

The Cast of WondLa
Credit: Apple TV+

Teri Hatcher (Desperate Housewives, Tango & Cash), Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond, The Pacifier), Gary Anthony Williams (The Boondocks, Undercover Brother), Chiké Okonkwo (Death Saved My Life, La Brea), D.C. Douglas (Santaman, La Tribu Monchhichi), and Alan Tudyk (Resident Alien, Moana), will be joining Mason in the voice cast of WondLa.

When and Where Can You Watch WondLa?

WondLa is set for a global premiere exclusively on Apple TV+ on June 28, 2024. The series’ debut aligns with Apple’s strategy of expanding its family-friendly content, offering new and exciting stories for kids and families to enjoy together. Make sure your subscription to the streaming platform is up to date ahead of WondLa’s release!


With its rich storytelling, imaginative world, and strong character dynamics, WondLa promises to be a standout addition to Apple TV+’s lineup. Fans of the book series and new viewers alike can look forward to a thrilling journey when the series launches later this month. Don’t forget to check out our episodic review of the same!

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