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Dark Matter Episode 7 Preview: Release Date and More

Dark Matter Episode 7

Apple TV+’s latest series, Dark Matter, starring Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Connelly, and Alice Braga is edging towards the end, and Episode 6 had some important twists that will decide the fates of Jason 1 and Jason 2. At the end of the previous episode, Jason 2 sticks by his decision of sealing the box shut, which will prevent Jason 1 from entering his own universe, despite the several attempts.

Things are definitely progressing in the series, which brings us to the next episode, where viewers will hopefully have more answers to some of the pressing matters posed in Dark Matter. Make sure you stick around till the end of this article to learn everything you need to know ahead of Dark Matter Episode 7.

What Happened in Dark Matter Episode 6?

Before we dive into the details of Dark Matter Episode 7, it is important to take a look at Episode 6 as it sets up the next episode. Now, Jason 2 has officially sealed the box, which means Jason 1 and Amanda, who have been exploring different universes, and trying to find Jason 1’s universe, might not be successful in their mission.

What Happened in Dark Matter Episode 6?
Credit: Apple TV+

In Episode 6, Jason 2 shows his ruthless and villainous side when he sends Ryan into a different universe and locks him there, with no means to return. This happens after Daniela grows suspicious of Jason 2 and reaches out to Ryan for help, alas, it doesn’t go as planned.

This particular episode has raised many questions about the possible endings for the main characters, and hopefully, more will be revealed in the next episode.

What Can You Expect from Dark Matter Episode 7?

A lot can happen in Dark Matter Episode 7, although it might feel a little familiar to the previous episodes. Amanda and Jason 1’s journey is going to continue with limited ampoules and endless universes left to explore as they try to find Jason 1’s world.

However, their closeness might just increase in this episode and there are chances of them caving in, especially when they explore a universe unlike any other.

What Can You Expect from Dark Matter Episode 7?
Credit: Apple TV+

Meanwhile, if Jason 2 wants Daniela to believe him, he will have to get his act together, because so far, he has been making far too many mistakes. Now that we know how ruthless Jason 2 is, chances of him doing something much more drastic in Dark Matter Episode 7 have definitely increased. Only time will tell just what Jason 2 is capable of.

When and Where Can You Watch Dark Matter Episode 7?

Dark Matter Episode 7 will be available to stream on June 12, 2024, exclusively on Apple TV+.


Dark Matter has picked up its pace and things are getting interesting as the series nears its end. Do make sure you keep a lookout for our review of the next episode following its release.

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