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A Gentleman in Moscow Episode 5 Recap: Rostov’s Resolve for Sofia’s Safety

A Gentleman in Moscow

In the previous episode of Paramount+‘s “A Gentleman in Moscow,” “Good Times,” Alexander (Ewan McGregor) makes his way through life as the head waiter at the Metropol while dealing with the oppressive rule of Stalin. Despite the political unrest, Alexander takes comfort in his comparatively tranquil life.

But he also sees the terrible demise of his companion Mishka (Fehinti Balogun), who courageously and resolutely opposes the cruel powers that be. Alexander is forced to examine his values and beliefs as he struggles with the harsh reality of Soviet Russia in a society where speaking truth to power can have deadly repercussions. Now that episode 5 of “A Gentleman in Moscow” has aired, let’s see what all happened in it.

Alexander and Sofia’s Growing Bond in A Gentleman in Moscow

Alexander’s unanticipated care for Sofia in “A Gentleman in Moscow” episode 5 strengthens their relationship as he shows her to his room following Nina’s departure. The tension at the hotel is brought to light by Bishop Leplevksy’s interaction with Alexander. Alexander takes on the position of carer because of Sofia’s naivety and weakness, which helps to build trust between them.

In the morning, Sofia has a sweet moment when she finds Alexander dozing off on the chair, demonstrating his commitment to her welfare. Their predicament is made more intriguing by an envelope hidden beneath the door, which represents the secrets of their common experience.

Alexander teaches Sofia the value of giving her doll a name while they are eating breakfast, demonstrating his desire to offer her security and direction in an unpredictable world.

Alexander and Sofia's Growing Bond in A Gentleman in Moscow
Credits: Paramount+

Nevertheless, Olga and Anna Urbanova become aware of Alexander’s inexperience with caring for others when he struggles to brush Sofia’s hair. The incident highlights the difficulties Alexander has adjusting to his new position. Giving Sofia over to seamstress Marina emphasises how transient their arrangement is and raises questions about the complexity of their developing relationship.

Challenges and Tensions at the Metropol

Bishop’s request to meet with Halecki, the hotel manager, in the meantime, raises the possibility of future disputes when Bishop’s Party loyalty and Alexander’s aristocratic background clash. The episode lays the groundwork for future investigations into power relations, trust, and perseverance in the face of difficulty as tensions bubble beneath the surface.

In this episode of “A Gentleman in Moscow,” Sofia’s safety is put in jeopardy by Bishop’s asserted power, as he demands that she surrender herself to the police. But Alexander’s request for patience and the manager’s compassion for the child allay any initial worries. In the face of uncertainty, Alexander’s unshakeable confidence that Nina will return within a month provides a glimmer of optimism.

Challenges and Tensions at the Metropol
Credits: The New York Times

Alexander’s day becomes more intriguing as he balances his duties at Boyarsky and receives an unexpected invitation from Anna. He rushes to her suite and, much to his discomfort, discovers an unpleasant encounter in the bathtub with Olga and Vasily. The differences in their lives are highlighted by the stark contrast between Alexander’s struggles and Anna’s disclosure of her dreams of working in the film industry.

Later in “A Gentleman in Moscow”, Sofia insists on sleeping in his bed, which shows how close they are even though he tried to make her comfortable with rented mattresses. With Sofia’s growing interest and likeness to her mother, Alexander finds it difficult to balance his responsibilities and take care of her. This complicates their relationship.

His endeavour to pique her interest with a fitting tale illustrates his commitment to fostering her spirit and mind in the face of hardship.

How Does The Episode End?

In this heart-wrenching conclusion of “A Gentleman in Moscow,” the fate of Sofia hangs in the balance as Leplevsky seeks to remove her from the hotel and place her in an orphanage. Rostov protests, but Halecki, constrained by bureaucratic procedures, doesn’t seem to be able to step in.

Sofia’s tearful plea and introspective questions about his love leave Rostov feeling overwhelmed by the gravity of their predicament as he gets ready for her to depart. Rostov, who is adamant about keeping Sofia at his side, looks to Anna for assistance since he knows that her influence might be their only chance.

How Does The Episode End?
Credits: Paramount+

Together with her open disclosures about negotiating the tricky film business, Anna’s show of support for Sofia highlights her kindness and fortitude in the face of hardship. In the meanwhile, Sofia finally wins out thanks to her tactful conversation with Nachevko, which makes use of his political connections.

Finally, despite Leplevsky’s rage, Halecki decides to let Sofia stay, demonstrating Rostov’s unshakable love for the little girl. His pledge to look after Sofia forever—even without her mother—as he tucks her into bed illustrates the resilience of love and family ties in the face of uncertainty.

In a haunting revelation later in “A Gentleman in Moscow”, the older Sofia (the narrator) discloses Nina’s tragic fate—her disappearance in the Russian East and the chilling sight of her body dumped into a mass grave, a stark reminder of the human toll inflicted by the Soviet regime.


“A Gentleman in Moscow” Episode 5 culminates in a poignant display of love and determination as Rostov fights to protect Sofia from a harsh fate. Despite the challenges and tensions at the Metropol, Rostov’s unwavering resolve ensures Sofia’s safety and secures their bond.

The episode’s conclusion, marked by Sofia’s tearful plea and Halecki’s compassionate decision, underscores the enduring power of love amidst adversity, leaving viewers with a haunting reminder of the human toll inflicted by the Soviet regime.