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A Gentleman In Moscow Episode 8 Recap: What Happened In The Finale?

A Gentleman in Moscow

In “An Assembly,” the previous episode of “A Gentleman in Moscow,” Alexander devised a scheme to ensure his daughter Sofia would have a secure and independent future.

Despite the hazards, Anna Urbanova, another important person in Alexander’s life, supports the plan since she knows they could be in danger if Sofia flees to America. “Adieu,” the season finale, focuses on heartfelt farewells as Alexander and Sofia get ready to split ways, navigating the emotional and political consequences of their choices. Let’s see what happened in the season finale of “A Gentleman in Moscow”.

Sofia’s Bold Escape Plan and Emotional Farewells

In the final episode of “A Gentleman in Moscow,” Sofia’s escape plot is put into action by Alexander and Anna. After her performance, Sofia is supposed to sneak away, chop off her hair, put on a disguise, and disappear into the dispersing crowd. She has an advantage because of her early time slot. Alexander, on the other hand, intends to stay at the hotel until Sofia is secure.

He will create a scene by calling all of the hotel’s phones from the US embassy, which will allow him to escape unseen. Alexander comforts Sofia, who is worried about their reunion, but he doesn’t give any details.

In a sweet time spent alone with Sofia, Anna tells her that Nina would be pleased with her exactly as she is. Sofia asks how long she will have to wait for their American reunion. Anna tells her to embrace life to the fullest and to never look back instead of waiting.

Sofia's Bold Escape Plan and Emotional Farewells
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To deliver three final instructions, Alexander sets up a farewell meal in their hidden room. The first is becoming a master of one’s circumstances; the second is the wisdom of cheerfulness; and the third, despite his sadness, is his delight in picturing her future adventures. At that point, Sofia realises that Alexander is not going to accompany her. He tells her that he was able to get asylum for her, but not for him or Anna.

Later in “A Gentleman in Moscow,” thinking back on his history, Rostov regrets not giving his sister the life she deserved. He’s determined not to make the same mistake twice with Sofia, keeping his word to Nina and seeing to it that Sofia leaves Russia.

When Sofia’s departure time comes, Leplevsky observes from a distance as she says goodbye to the hotel employees. Pretending that they will be back together in two weeks, Rostov gives her a reassuring hug and words of support before bringing out the thimble from their very first game with nostalgia.

Later, Rostov gathers with the staff and tells them about his native country’s tradition of the black apple tree. If one ate these apples, life would begin afresh. Though he swears he wouldn’t eat a black apple, he thinks about the unexpected turns his life has taken and treasures the joys and friendships he has had. He raises a glass to lead a life free of regrets.

Path to Freedom in A Gentleman in Moscow

When Rostov gets back to his flat, Glebnikov is there and waiting. Anticipating his impending mortality, Glebnikov expresses his regrets, especially on his lack of time spent with his daughter. He sensed Rostov’s scheme as he watched Sofia go. He informs Rostov that the escape is in danger since Soviet agents are keeping an eye on Sofia and train stations, even if he is unable to stop it.

Later in “A Gentleman in Moscow,” Sofia finds out that her performance has been rescheduled to the second-to-last slot as she gets ready for her concert, which makes her escape plan more difficult. Rostov, in the meantime, has obtained Finnish passports for both himself and Anna, who has succeeded in obtaining the rail passes.

Rostov begins to doubt the success of their strategy as he considers his love for Anna and his unexpected delight in the Metropol. While acknowledging his reservations, Anna also thanks him for bringing her happiness—something she never would have imagined. To make their last preparations, they split up.

Path to Freedom in A Gentleman in Moscow
Credits: Paramount+

Leplevsky is in the lobby looking for the lost passports when he notices Anna walking out carrying a suitcase, which makes him suspicious. He discovers the stolen passports while looking through Rostov’s flat. Gazing from the concealed chamber, Rostov discerns the peril.

Later in “A Gentleman in Moscow,” Leplevsky dashes to his office to notify the authorities, but Rostov stops him and pulls out two pistols that have been concealed beneath a painting in the manager’s office for a long time.

He makes Leplevsky remove any documents about Rostov and the hotel personnel from his filing cabinet. In the cellar boiler, they jointly set fire to the documents. Rostov binds Leplevsky in the cellar to stop him from interfering anymore and make sure he can’t ruin the escape plan.

A Bittersweet Conclusion

After finishing her act in “A Gentleman in Moscow”, Sofia quickly runs to the loo to put on her disguise. Her chaperone goes in search of her when she skips the last curtain call in “A Gentleman in Moscow”. When Sofia sees a guide coming, she ducks into the bathroom. When the guide gets to the last stall, Sofia isn’t there.

She checks each stall individually. Exasperated, she walks away. Then Sofia appears from the stall’s ceiling. She dresses as a young man, cuts her hair short, and blends in with the audience before making her way out. But guards are monitoring the doors since they know Sofia is planning to turn traitor.

When Anna returns to Russia in “A Gentleman in Moscow”, Glebnikov shows up at the train station where she is expecting Rostov. He hands her a passport so she can enter Finland and begs her to get on the train.

When Glebnikov informs Anna that Rostov is not coming, she realises that he thinks staying behind is the best course of action to keep her safe, considering that the Soviet Union still punishes the families of its opponents even after Stalin’s death. Just before the train leaves, Anna is unable to make a decision.

A Bittersweet Conclusion
Credits: Paramount+

In the hotel lobby, Rostov waits tensely for the signal that Sofia is safe. Following multiple false alarms, the Metropol’s phones all start ringing at once. Rostov smiles, knowing Sofia has made it. He looks around the hotel one final time, takes a moment to gather himself, and then exits through the front door.

Through older Sofia’s narration in “A Gentleman in Moscow“, we learn she safely made it to America to start her new life, though she would never see Rostov or Anna again. She heard that Rostov left the hotel, but his fate remains a mystery.

We then see a dishevelled Rostov walking through a field, suggesting a long journey on foot. At the end of the field, Anna waits for him. Time passes, and we find Rostov and Anna living peacefully on a farm. The black fruit on some trees indicates they are in Rostov’s childhood region. He never left Russia, but they have found safety and contentment together.

The surrounding woods are filled with black apple trees, symbolizing their new beginning. These final, serene images may well be Sofia’s imagination, providing a hopeful farewell. “A Gentleman in Moscow” ends with these tranquil visuals, even though the true reality might differ.

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In the finale of “A Gentleman in Moscow,” Alexander’s plan ensures Sofia’s safe escape to America, while he and Anna stay behind, facing their uncertain future with courage. Despite the dangers, they find peace and contentment in Rostov’s homeland, symbolized by the black apple trees.

Sofia, narrating her new life, cherishes the sacrifices made for her freedom. The series ends with serene, hopeful imagery, leaving the true fate of Rostov and Anna open to interpretation.

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