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Alex Rider Season 4: Is It Happening? Everything We Know

alex rider

The British spy thriller television series “Alex Rider” is based on the novels of Anthony Horowitz. Alex Rider, a young spy hired by MI6, is portrayed by Otto Farrant. Guy Burt is the creator of the show, which follows Alex on his dangerous missions to break into high-risk targets on behalf of the British intelligence service.

Fans love the show and after the conclusion of the third season, they are wondering if they are getting another season of “Alex Rider”. So let’s find out.

How Did The Previous Season Of Alex Rider End?

Since Julia is incredibly in love with John Rider but feels deceived and humiliated by his dishonesty, she kills both John and his wife. Julia was devastated to discover that John had lied, and she set out to exact revenge by destroying his family. A combination of personal hurt and a desire for revenge on John’s associates motivated this act.

Julia’s behaviour demonstrates her strong emotional reaction and her readiness to take drastic measures to deal with her betrayal and loss-related feelings. Their interactions get more complex once Alex learns of Julia’s motivations and struggles to make sense of her actions while navigating the dangerous world of espionage and deceit.

How Did The Previous Season Of Alex Rider End?
Credits: Deadline

In the dramatic conclusion, Alex battles Nile and defeats him, risking his own life to save others by deactivating Julia’s transmitter. Jones, in the meantime, valiantly prevents Julia from fleeing, putting an end to her evil schemes. Julia’s laptop provides MI6 with vital information about Scorpia, paving the way for a significant investigation into the company.

Following the incident, Jones resigns, but when Blunt steps down, she is surprisingly promoted to lead MI6. Her touching act of returning Alex’s father’s service medals honours his bravery and selflessness. Jones advises Alex to go back to school and live a regular life until another emergency demands his brave rescue.

As Alex and Jones have a moment of respect and understanding, the episode ends with a feeling of closure and hope for the future. The change in leadership at MI6 ushers in a new era while highlighting the value of accountability, resiliency, and the lasting legacy of those who selflessly serve their nation.

Will There Be Another Season?

Unfortunately, no. We are sure that the devoted fan base is disappointed to learn that “Alex Rider” will not be returning for Season 4, with the show ending after Season 3. The show’s success hasn’t translated into the anticipated viewership for Amazon Prime, despite the book franchise’s widespread appeal.

Will There Be Another Season?
Credits: Sony Pictures Television

This result indicates that Amazon terminated the series after the third season due to concerns about the show’s performance and potential for wider popularity.

Why Was It Cancelled?

The decision by Amazon to not renew “Alex Rider” for a fourth season is probably the result of multiple considerations, the main one being viewership. Even though the show might not need as much computer graphics, rising cast pay means that production costs will certainly go up with each new season.

Why Was It Cancelled?
Credits: Sony Pictures Television

Streaming services such as Amazon may choose to axe the show if the number of viewers isn’t high enough to cover these rising expenses.

Another factor that might have influenced Amazon’s choice was the extended time between seasons. After prolonged breaks, viewership frequently falls. It’s possible that Amazon foresaw a comparable decline in “Alex Rider” ratings following the two-year wait for Season 3.

Although the reasons behind the show’s termination may not have been made clear by Amazon, the decision to not renew “Alex Rider” for a third season was probably influenced by several factors, including production expenses, audience analytics, and the effect of extended hiatuses.


The cancellation of “Alex Rider” after Season 3 is disappointing news for fans who have enjoyed the thrilling adventures of the young spy. Despite the show’s popularity and the compelling narrative from Anthony Horowitz’s novels, challenges with viewership and production costs likely led to Amazon’s decision not to renew the series. While the show may not continue, its impact and memorable characters will resonate with audiences who enjoy the suspense and intrigue of Alex Rider’s world.