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Dark Matter Episode 3 Review: It’s All About the Box

Dark Matter Episode 3 Review

The first two episodes of Dark Matter dropped on Apple TV+ last week, and they were absolutely crazy. That truly is the best way to sum them up, since the concept of this series, which has been adapted from a novel, is once again – crazy. The book-to-screen shift is seldom easy, especially when there’s sci-fi involved, but Dark Matter does a great job of doing so, and Episode 3 is proof of that.

Compared to the previous episodes, Dark Matter Episode 3 is paced better and is easier to follow, because Jason 1 and Jason 2 have established themselves in the different realities. Now, if you haven’t watched the first two episodes, we highly recommend doing so before you read our review of the latest episode, because there will be spoilers ahead, and you will certainly need context!

Dark Matter’s Pace Stabilizes in Episode 3

Dark Matter Episode 3 shifts focus between the two main universes or realities that the viewers have been introduced to so far. Jason 1 is now in Jason 2’s reality Jason 2 essentially stole Jason 1’s life, swapping them successfully. However, the people in both realities have been unaware of this swap, but things are a little different in Dark Matter Episode 3.

Dark Matter's Pace Stabilizes in Episode 3
Credit: Apple TV+

This latest episode of the Apple TV+ series is an important one, and a good share of it is spent in Jason 2’s universe, where the original Jason, aka Jason 1 is doing his best to play pretend to survive whilst also trying to figure out what Velocity Labs is all about, and how he can possibly go home to his family.

Meanwhile, in Jason 1’s universe, the imposter Jason, aka Jason 2 is doing his best to remember the names of people who will be coming over to a dinner party hosted by him and Daniela. Obviously, there’s a lot more at stake for Jason 1, while Jason 2 simply tries to enjoy his new, blissful, Velocity-free life.

Dark Matter Episode 3 Review: It's All About the Box
Credit: Apple TV+

There are moments in Dark Matter Episode 3 where the episode might feel a little slow-paced, but this works in favor of the series as a whole. It gives time to the viewers and the two Jasons to settle into the different universes and catch up with everything that has been going on. So, if you felt left behind in the last two episodes, Dark Matter Episode 3 will be a different experience.

The most important part of the latest episode is when the people at Velocity Lab come to understand that Jason 1 isn’t their Jason, which is followed by a tough interrogation. Dark Matter Episode 3 ends on an interesting note, again setting the pace for the rest of the series after Amanda helps Jason 1 escape Velocity Labs, through the box.


Amanda and Jason 1 have a lot to figure out now that they are essentially trapped in the box and must figure a way to get out, and more specifically get back to Jason 1’s universe. So far, this series has managed to keep us hooked, and we would love to know your thoughts on it too!