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Baby Reindeer Review: Netflix’s Most Compelling Series So Far

Baby Reindeer

Netflix has officially released Baby Reindeer, 7 rivetting episodes about a man being stalked by a woman and the dilemma he lives through every single day. When Baby Reindeer was first announced, followed by a trailer, frankly, it appeared to be yet another series about a stalker and the victim, and eventual justice. However, this latest series on Netflix will leave you stunned for hours, if not days, and that’s a certainty.

Baby Reindeer has several triggering elements, all of which are accompanied by a disclaimer ahead of each episode, so make sure you read those carefully before watching the series. This original on Netflix might just be one of the finest productions churned out by the streaming platform, and all the credit goes to Richard Gadd and Jessica Gunning.

A Gripping Story Supported by a Phenomenal Cast

Netflix’s latest series, Baby Reindeer, follows the life of a bartender, aspiring to become a comedian, Donny. Donny leads a normal life, or at least that’s how it appears until Martha enters his life. Martha is an older woman, filled with a string of laughter, lies, and everything in between.

Donny lets her in a little, feeling sorry for her to begin with, however, it doesn’t take long for the situation to completely snowball out of his control. Donny soon becomes Martha’s obsession, and he stays conflicted about her, and the situation.

However, our review of Baby Reindeer isn’t all about how it begins, or how it ends, or any of the subplots, but about how eerily this series went on, minute by minute. As you stream Baby Reindeer on your screen, you will forget to blink for a little while, because you don’t want to miss out on any detail or even the slightest exchange between Donny and Martha.

You will also feel your throat drying up and, eyes tearing up, as you try and make sense of the constant change in a dilemma that the protagonist Donny goes through. Baby Reindeer is his story. Baby Reindeer is his struggle. Baby Reindeer is Donny.

A Gripping Story Supported by a Phenomenal Cast
Credit: Netflix

Undoubtedly, the life and soul of Baby Reindeer are Richard Gadd and Jessica Gunning, who play the roles of Donny and Martha. While the supporting cast in this Netflix series has also performed exceptionally, it almost doesn’t matter because the series is so laser-focused on the lives of Donny and Martha, and intentionally so.

There’s almost too much to applaud when it comes to Baby Reindeer as a series, that you might just have to watch it twice. Once to follow the story and the second time to understand it.


If you are scrolling through Netflix, looking for something to watch, then Baby Reindeer deserves to be the top choice right now. Do let us know in the comments what you thought about this unique and rivetting series!

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