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Beyond Paradise Season 2 Episode 1 Preview: What To Expect?

Beyond Paradise Season 2 Episode 1 Preview

Beyond Paradise is a British television series in the crime drama genre. It is created by Robert Thorogood and Tony Jordan and it is a spin-off of the British-French series named Death in Paradise. The original series has been on air since 2011.

Beyond Paradise Season 2 Episode 1 Preview
Credits: Radio Times

Upon its release in February 2023, Beyond Paradise received massive acclaim from critics and audiences. Its success led the makers to renew the series for a second season. Fans are now wondering what they can expect from Beyond Paradise Season 2 Episode 1 which is about to air.

What Is Beyond Paradise All About?

Beyond Paradise tells the story of Humphrey Goodman (played by Kris Marshall) who is a Detective Inspector. In order to spend his life with his fiancee Martha Lloyd (played by Sally Bretton), he leaves Saint Marie. The couple eventually get engaged and shift to Shipton Abbott which is her hometown.

What Is Beyond Paradise All About?
Credits: Radio Times

In the new town, Humphrey becomes a part of the police force that works locally. He joins the team involving Detective Sergeant Esther Williams (played by Zahra Ahmadi), and PC Kelby Hartford (Dylan Llewellyn) alongside Margo Martins (Felicity Montagu) who works as an office support.

The first season premiered on February 24th, 2023 on BritBox in the United States of America and BBC One in UK and the Ireland. It consisted of six episodes. On December 24th, 2023, a Christmas special episode was also released.

Is Beyond Paradise Season 2 Happening?

Just a day after the first season concluded, Beyond Paradise Season 2 was commissioned by the makers. Just like the first one, the second season will also have six episodes. It will continue the story of Humphrey Goodman in Shipton Abbott. We might finally get to see Humphrey and Martha getting married.

What To Expect In Beyond Paradise Season 2 Episode 1?

During an interview, Kris Marshall spoke about what the second season has to offer. He said that a homicide will take place on a steam train in the second season. Apart from that, it will also feature a fishing legend and someone who can predict the attacks and arsons. We can also expect Camille Bordey (played by Sara Martins) to return in the second season.

What To Expect In Beyond Paradise Season 2 Episode 1?
Credits: Radio Times

Several making and behind-the-scenes pictures have almost confirmed the wedding of Martha and Humphrey. The couple can be seen on a beautiful beach. So we can expect an episode touching upon their special day. More solving of the crime will happen in the first episode headed by Esther and Humphrey among others. Chances are that the character of Esther will be more fleshed out in the first episode and throughout the second season.

Kris has also revealed that the first episode won’t address the topic of IVF which was explored in the previous season. Instead, we will see the couple have now become foster parents.

Do We Have A Release Date?

Beyond Paradise Season 2 Episode 1 will premiere on Friday, March 22nd, 2024 at 8 pm GMT on BBC One. Since the first season is available on Amazon Prime Video, we can expect the makers to drop the second season on it as well. It has been directed by Claire Tailyour while Tony Jordan wrote the episode.

In terms of the cast, the lead actors Kris Marshall as well as Sally Bretton will be reprising their roles. Besides them, we will also see Zahra Ahmadi (playing the role of DS Esther Williams), Dylan Llewellyn (PC Kelby Hartford), Felicity Montagu (Margo Martins) and others.

Do We Have A Trailer?

The official trailer of Beyond Paradise Season 2 was released on March 6, 2024. The trailer is short in length and has a runtime of only 32 seconds. It consists of many interesting scenes from the season as the character embarks on a new case to find the culprits.


Beyond Paradise is a continuation of the strong legacy of Death In Paradise. The first season was released in 2023 and was well received. It’s success led to the greenlighting of a second season. Fans are now really excited to watch Beyond Paradise Season 2 Episode 1 which will air soon. It will showcase the beloved characters in a very different situation.

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