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Bodkin Season 2: Is It Renewed? Everything We Know So Far

Bodkin Season 2

Bodkin became a very successful show in 2024 thanks to its interesting content. This Irish series deals with the dark comedy thriller accompanied by thriller elements. It has a very intriguing plot that has clicked with the Irish people as well as audiences from across the globe.

Bodkin Season 2
Credits: Netflix

Since the finale dropped, viewers have wanted to know about the development of Bodkin Season 2. There is much buzz surrounding a second season because of the success of the first season. So we will delve into the details of this news.

What Is Bodkin All About?

Bodkin is the creation of Jez Scharf and it follows a group of people who run a podcast. They then decide to look into a case of three people going missing in a town in Ireland. Jez Scharf is also the executive producer of the series with Nne Ebong, Alex Metcalf, Paul Lee, Tonia Davis, and David Flynn. The series has seven episodes and they were released on May 9th, 2024 on Netflix.

The final episode of the show was called Empty Your Pockets and it was helmed by Paddy Breathnach. The teleplay of the show is penned by Paddy Campbell while Jez Scharf wrote the episode.

We see the mystery finally getting revealed and it showcases Gilbert Power (played by Will Forte) looking into his personal life and career that were wrecked. A scene takes place where he can be seen finally dumping the recorder into a water body, which effectively means that he has ended his podcast which meant a lot to him.

Emily also gets a job in the investigation body. Meanwhile, Sean also talks to Edna and hints that he knows who his biological mother might be. Later, Dove goes to the place where she was brought up and raised. It holds an emotional connection to her after the demise of her mother due to an overdose.

Is Bodkin Season 2 Happening?

Netflix has not confirmed if Bodkin Season 2 is taking place or not. The series released on May 9th so it’s pretty early to make a guess or find a solid confirmation. But given that the series is being loved by the viewers, we might see a second season getting ordered. We will only have to wait for a while before the makers and the platform take everything into account to determine if a second season is warranted.

Is Bodkin Season 2 Happening?
Credits: Netflix

What To Expect From It?

Bodkin Season 2 can follow these podcasters looking into another case of a mysterious nature. The first season had a mystery of the disappearance of three people which was eventually solved towards the end.

So the follow-up season can have a different case for the podcasters to tackle. The storyline can either take place in the same Irish town or maybe the makers will move to a new location that will have a different nature of crime taking place. No matter the location, a crime will happen that can be investigated.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

Netflix has not announced the cast of Bodkin Season 2 so we can only speculate around this point. The cast of the first season is expected to come back. Names like Will Forte (playing Gilbert Power), Siobhán Cullen (Dove), Robyn Cara (Emmy), David Wilmot (Seamus Gallagher), Chris Walley (Sean O’Shea), Seán Óg Cairns (Garda Eoin), Peter Bankole (Charles) and Kerri McLean (Maeve) among others can return.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
Credits: Deadline

The makers might also opt for a new cast so we will see fresh faces playing different characters. All this will be determined by the plot of Bodkin Season 2. If it happens, the show should be released by late 2025 or early 2026.


Bodkin came out as a surprise and clicked with viewers. It is one of the most loved Irish shows of 2024 thanks to its gripping content. Very rarely do we see podcasters as the lead characters in a story and this show is one of those.

Its success has increased the demand for Bodkin Season 2 which should happen given the first season is a favorite of viewers. So the fans should be hopeful and expect the good news to drop anytime this year.