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Dark Matter Episode 4 Review: Is This The Multiverse of Madness?

Dark Matter Episode 4

Apple TV+‘s latest series, Dark Matter, has reached Episode 4 after finally slowing down the pace in the previous episode, which helped us understand the two ongoing plots a little better because it surely isn’t easy to keep up with Jason 1 and Jason 2. Yes, we will have to continue with these nicknames for the main character because it doesn’t look like the two of them are meeting anytime soon, and their quest continues separately.

In all honestly, we were convinced that Dark Matter Episode 4, and the series in general, would be less complicated for Jason 2, and while it is less in compared to Jason 1, it is still complicated. Dark Matter Episode 4 has definitely leveled up, and in this review, we will explore in-depth what worked versus what didn’t work for this particular episode, so make sure you stick around!

What’s Going On With the Jasons?

One needs to prepare themselves for a rollercoaster ride when it comes to Dark Matter Episode 4 because there’s plenty to unpack, and there isn’t a moment of silence, other than the one time Daniela and Charlie are grieving the loss of Jason and her son. As we said, there’s a lot to unpack and it all starts with Jason 1 and Amanda being stuck in the corridor, which was previously “the box.”

What's Going On With the Jasons?
Credit: Apple TV+

Neither Jason 1 nor Amanda have any idea of how the box works and how they can navigate their moves in the corridor, but they must do whatever it takes to figure it out and that leads them to resort to the trial and error method.

In these handful of scenes, it is quite literally the multiverse of madness because there are endless universes behind those doors and endless possibilities, and in almost most of them climate change has possibly ruined the planet, which was an interesting addition to it all.

So while Jason 1 and Amanda attempt to navigate the corridor, Jason 2 continues to live the life he wanted, but he’s ready to make some big changes. For starters, he quits his job, after which he decides to pay a visit to Leighton from that universe.

Clearly, the two aren’t as close, but Jason 2 trusts him enough to show the box, and also gives him a psychoactive drug, which they both take.

Dark Matter Episode 4 Review: Is This The Multiverse of Madness?
Credit: Apple TV+

There’s a lot happening in Dark Matter Episode 4, but viewers, Amanda, and Jason 1 finally understand the box and how it works a little more. As it turns out, it is them and their thinking that helps control the box, and the next episode will certainly focus a little more on Jason 1 applying this to move forward.

One can’t help but feel for all the different characters in this particular episode, but Jason 2 is ready to make some big moves after he finds an “investor.” Daniela is less and less convinced as the episodes move forward and it will be interesting to see if she can figure out the absence of Jason 1 in her life.

Jason 2
Credit: Apple TV+


Dark Matter Episode 4 wasn’t the best episode of the series so far, but it is certainly helping further the narrative, which is something Dark Matter needs at the moment. Do let us know in the comments what you thought about this episode!

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