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Frankly Speaking Episode 7 Review: On Woo-ju Makes a Choice!

Frankly Speaking Episode 7 Review

Frankly Speaking on Netflix has been one of the more funny K-dramas that has subtle hints of romance and drama, making sure it never gets too much at any point, and Episode 7 is no different. Although this recent episode of Frankly Speaking has some big moments that one needs to look out for, it remains subtle and a breezy watch that you simply can’t press pause on.

Frankly Speaking Episode 7 showcases a glimpse into Woo-ju’s previous relationship with Jeong-heon with the help of some flashbacks, but more importantly, this episode is the moment when Woo-ju enters the game show, instead of just being a writer.

Keep reading this review to find out more about what we liked when it comes to Frankly Speaking Episode 7 because you won’t want to miss out.

On Woo-ju and Song Ki-baek Share a Tender Moment

Frankly Speaking Episode 7 starts with a flashback of Woo-ju and Jeong-heon’s third anniversary, when Jeong-heon’s mother pays them a little visit, but only Woo-ju is at the house. At this moment, Woo-ju learns the harsh truth, which eventually leads to the downfall of their relationship.

This is also addressed later in the episode, and while one might think that this subplot serves as the most important one in Episode 7, that most certainly isn’t the case, because there’s bigger fish to fry.

On Woo-ju and Song Ki-baek Share a Tender Moment

This latest episode of Frankly Speaking sees the entry of Woo-ju in the game show, which means there’s a whole lot of clumsy comedy that comes with it, but one can’t help but notice how Ki-baek looks at Woo-ju adoringly every chance he gets.

Woo-ju and Ki-baek don’t get a lot of screentime alone in this episode, but it is more than enough to help move the narrative forward, and the time that they have, they always make the most of it, which always elevates the series as a whole.

Although a love triangle has been established in Frankly Speaking, one where Woo-ju has the choice between Ki-baek and Jeong-heon, it doesn’t appear as much of a choice and Episode 7 only confirms that notion.

Frankly Speaking Episode 7

Despite being on a date with her ex for the show, Woo-ju doesn’t choose anyone at the end of it. However, that choice is only for the camera, in reality, Woo-ju had made her choice a long time ago.

Frankly Speaking Episode 7 ends on the sweetest note so far, after Woo-ju makes it more than clear that she missed Ki-baek and also reciprocates the feelings that he had voiced in the middle of the game show. The two finally kiss at the bottom of the slide, and if you didn’t love them together so far, you will change your mind now.

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Frankly Speaking continues to be full of heart and laughter, and that’s more than what anyone could ask for, especially when it comes to Woo-ju and Ki-baek. Let us know your thoughts on this episode in the comments below!

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