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Dark Matter Episode 6 Review: Is this the End for the Real Jason?

Dark Matter Episode 6 Review

Dark Matter on Apple TV+ has been a whirlwind so far as it has taken on the concept of the multiverse and spun it around for episodes at a stretch. While the most recent episodes have toyed with Jason 1 (Yes, the assigned nicknames for the two Jasons will continue in this review) and Amanda traveling through different universes with the help of ampoules and the box, Dark Matter Episode 6 offered something slightly different while staying on the same path.

Dark Matter Episode 6 has really helped push the narrative forward in this series and has proven to be one of the most important episodes as well. So, keep reading our review to take a look at some of the key moments of this episode but be warned because there will be some major spoilers ahead.

Jason 2 is the Ruthless Villain of Dark Matter

There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to Dark Matter Episode 6, but let’s begin with Daniela’s suspicions finally rising because of Jason 2’s behavior. Albeit, she is currently far from finding out that Jason 2 isn’t her Jason, but at least she has made some progress, and as far as Jason 2 goes, he has been dropping the ball far more often. How long can he keep this up?

Jason 2 is the Ruthless Villain of Dark Matter
Credit: Apple TV+

While Jason 2 continues to make mistakes in his new universe, Jason 1 and Amanda continue to explore different versions of Chicago, and in this episode, we also see them getting closer to one another, which is bound to happen given the circumstances they are stuck in. Nevertheless, Jason 1 continues to remain loyal to Daniela but is far from actually reuniting with her and his universe.

Jason 1 and Jason 2 are both struggling in different ways and Jason 2 also manages to find Amanda in Jason 1’s universe and attends an appointment with her for a therapy session. The focus of Dark Matter Episode 6 is Daniela, who confides in Ryan about her worries regarding her husband. This subplot shows that Jason 2 is much more ruthless than we originally imagined.

Dark Matter Episode 6
Credit: Apple TV+

As soon as Jason 2 finds out that Ryan might know something or is on to him, the former simply manipulates Ryan into experimenting with the box and the corridor, after which Ryan is locked out in a different universe, with his phone taken away. This scene only goes to show that Jason 2 will do absolutely anything to keep his facade on.


The episode ends with Jason 2 sealing the box shut in his universe, which raises multiple questions for future episodes. If you have been keeping up with the series, we also recommend checking out our review of the next episode following its release.

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