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Ellie Thumann: Age, Net Worth, Height And Everything We Know So Far

Ellie Thumann

Ellie Thumann is a popular YouTuber, fashion influencer and content creator. In the digital age, she has been successfully able to carve a niche for herself due to her talent in multiple forays. She started out making YouTube videos during her teen years and is now a big name in the field.

Ellie Thumann
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Over the years, Thumann has amassed a lot of followers and well-wishers who often wonder about the lesser talk about aspects of her life. If you have been wondering the same, keep on reading as this article covers it.

What Does She Do?

Ellie Thumann started out making YouTube videos in the year 2014 when she was in her teen years under her YouTube channel named after her. She received widespread fame for her gorgeous looks as well as interesting vlogging videos.

Her content covers a wide range of subjects including shopping, beauty, lifestyle and fashion. She also documents her adventures as she travels to different countries across the globe.

What Does She Do?
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From a very young age, she was intrigued by the world of fashion and glamour and decided to foray into content creation. Thumann’s beauty tutorials and her fresh approach to beautification and makeup have given her a wide audience.

Her beauty, style and grace is evident in her work which has made her so successful in a field that is cluttered with so many creators. The American citizen has more than 308 videos under her name that cover all kinds of interesting topics for her wide range of admirers. These mostly focus on beauty and lifestyle with the right amount of vlogging.

On YouTube, she enjoys more than 1.4 million subscribers with her videos garnering over 100 million views. In 2015, Thurmann started many funny and short videos for the video-sharing platform Vine.

She gained a lot of followers in a short span of time thanks to her charisma and quirky content. However, the platform shut down later on. The good news was that she had amassed more than one million followers on the platform.

Side by side, she also started posting videos on YouTube and started fully focusing on it subsequently. Her inaugural video was called 10 Facts About Me where she shared some lesser known facts about herself and her life.

Over the years, Thumann has made sure to strike a perfect balance by providing content and videos in all kinds of subjects to take care of all kinds of interests. Apart from her internet personality, Ellie is also a model and has worked as a swimsuit model.

She started modeling at a young age and shot for print ads. She also used to do runway shows where she was accompanied by her mother. The YouTuber has a contract with Next Management.

Other Ventures Of Ellie Thumann

Apart from her online presence as well as modeling, Thumann is also an actress and has appeared in a few television shows as well as films. Some of the projects she has done are Deadly Class and The Binge. This proves her versatility as a person and her ability to constantly explore different territories.

Personal Details

Ellie Thumann was born on October 29, 2001 in the city of Phoenix, in Arizona state in the US. She stands at a 5 feet 4 inches in height and is currently 22 years old. She is a Christian by religion and was brought up in a loving family.

Personal Details
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She also a sister named Erin and a brother named Will. They have appeared in some of her YouTube videos. She enjoys a strong social media presence and also enjoys over 1.5 million followers on Instagram where she posts her thoughts and pictures with her fans.

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Ellie Thumann Net Worth

The total net worth of Ellie Thumann is estimated to be around 3 million dollars. A large portion of her income comes from YouTube where she is most active and frequently puts out content. Apart from that, she also earns from sponsorships for various big brands.

Ellie Thumann Net Worth
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Thumann is also a successful model and an actress and also earns from those gigs. She earns around 80 to 1.3k per month and approximately 965 to 15.4k per year from her YouTube channel.

Where Did She Do His Schooling From?

Thumann started out modeling at the young and tender age of five when she joined the Next Models kid models list in her home state of Arizona in the United States. As of her schooling, not much is known about it as she rarely spoke about her educational background.


Ellie Thumann is a big name in the realm of the internet. She had a humble beginning when she ventured into content creation. Over the years, she worked on her craft and got better on the job while she did it. Unlike many, she doesn’t rely only on her looks and lets her talent speak for itself.

Her passion for beauty, fashion and lifestyle paid off as she amassed many followers from across the board who enjoy her content. She is also interested in vlogging and shares glimpses of her globetrotting trips.

Throughout her career, Thumann has never compromised on quality and always takes care of the presentation of anything that she creates. Whether its regular YouTube videos or vlogs, they have a certain standard of quality.

Realizing the importance of diversity, Thumann is also a successful model with several gigs under her name. With no connections or godfathers in the industry, Thumann made it on her own with her talent and hard work. She has been consistent with her efforts on YouTube to put out content and it has paid off.

Apart from these things, Thumann is also blessed with gorgeous looks that have helped her become a name in the modeling field as well. That’s not it, her comfort in front of the camera came in handy when she started acting in television shows and films.

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