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A Gentleman in Moscow Season 2: Is it Happening? Everything We Know So Far?

A Gentleman In Moscow Episode 6: Preview

A Gentleman in Moscow is about a very important time in the history of Russia which was the Soviet Union back then. This historical drama is the creation of Ben Vanstone. The entire storyline of the series takes place at the Metropol Hotel in Moscow with Ewan McGregor.

A Gentleman in Moscow
Credits: Paramount Plus

The show premiered in late March 2024 on Paramount+ and has been praised for its authenticity and the depiction of a very interesting character-driven plot with a background of historical events. Since then, people have been curious to know if A Gentleman in Moscow Season 2 has been commissioned. Let’s find out.

What Happened In A Gentleman in Moscow Season 1?

A Gentleman in Moscow is a miniseries and an adaptation of the namesake novel that was released in 2016. The novel was penned by Amor Towles and the show has been written by Nessah Muthy and Ben Vanstone. The episodes were directed by Sarah O’Gorman and Sam Miller.

What Happened In A Gentleman in Moscow Season 1?
Credits: ABC News

The series is about Count Alexander Ilyich Rostov (played by Ewan McGregor) who is an aristocrat returning from Paris to his home country of Russia. The show starts in 1918 after the October Revolution.

He is given a house arrest order that would stretch to his lifetime by a Bolshevik tribunal. Alexander arrives at the hotel and slowly starts making friends and starts adjusting to living in a building. McGregor and Vanstone are also executive producers of this show along with Tom Harper, Pancho Mansfield, Amor Towles, Sam Miller, Xavier Marchand and Sharon Hughff.

A Gentleman in Moscow Season 1 Episode 3 is the latest episode of the show and it takes place in 1926. We see Rostov thinking about suicide since he he fed up with living in the hotel as a captive. The Soviet Union is going through a tussle of power between Stalin and Trotsky after the demise of Vladimir Lenin. Osip visits Rostov at the lobby who reminds the latter that he is a prisoner in this hotel despite the facilities he is getting.

The episode also shows Nina’s death happened due to her jumping from the roof. Abram saves Rostov when the latter is planning to do the same. In the end, Rostov and Anna have a good time together.

Are We Getting A Gentleman in Moscow Season 2?

The makers are yet to confirm A Gentleman in Moscow Season 2 but there is a lot of speculation and conjecture doing the rounds around it. Fans really want to see more of Alexander Ilyich Rostov and what he does if and when he is able to leave Hotel Metropol Moscow. The series is currently still on air and its final episode is slated to drop on May 17th, 2024 on Paramount Plus.

It has so far stuck to its source material in covering all the important elements of the plot. A Gentleman in Moscow is a miniseries and hence it was decided that it will only have a very limited number of episodes. So chances of another season are very thin. But looking at the reception the episodes have received, the makers might renew it for a second season.

What To Expect From It?

If A Gentleman in Moscow Season 2 takes place, we can expect the main character of the story Alexander Ilyich Rostov. If he survives the second season, Rostov might be able to free himself from the hotel. The second season will also see a jump in time and another setting will take place with a different historical background, probably the rule of Joseph Stalin.

Are We Getting A Gentleman in Moscow Season 2?
Credits: Rotten Tomatoes

Who Will Be In The Cast?

A Gentleman in Moscow Season 2 might star Ewan McGregor playing the role of Alexander Ilyich Rostov and Mary Elizabeth Winstead portraying Anna Urbanova. Johnny Harris can also return as Osip Glebnikov along with Fehinti Balogun depicting Mikhail aka Mishka. There will be new actors in the show as well depending on the required of the story and the setting.


A Gentleman in Moscow is a well-made miniseries that beautifully showcases the historical and political situation of the Soviet Union of the 1920s and later years through the story of a man put on house arrest. It has everything that makes a show great including fine acting and impressive writing and direction. So A Gentleman in Moscow Season 2 is warranted.