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FBI Season 6 Finale Recap: What Happened In The Finale?

FBI Season 6 Finale Recap

In the finale “FBI” episode, Jess’s brother visits town. Maggie’s close friend and FBI agent Jess left her only kid, Ella, in Maggie’s care after her death. Maggie strives to fill the void Jess left, bonding closely with Ella and doing her best to support and care for her.

The episode focuses on Maggie’s commitment to Jess’s memory and examines how their connection has changed over time. Let’s see what all happened in the finale episode of “FBI”.

Ella’s Comfort and Family Reconnection

In the finale of “FBI” Ella initially struggled with anxiety, frequently calling Maggie for reassurance. Ella became increasingly comfortable living with Maggie over time as she took time off from work to provide for her.

Maggie also made contact with Jess’s family, helping Ella’s reunion with her relatives. Since Jess’s family disapproved of her decision to become a single mother, she had not been close to her brother. Having cared for their mother during her sickness, Ella’s brother now desired to be part of her life.

Ella’s relationship with her uncle was getting better, so Maggie felt at ease leaving Ella with him as she answered a call for work from OA. They were called in to look into a murder, and at first, they thought Luke Chandler was the victim.

They quickly found out, though, that “Luke” was Nick Ward, not the man he claimed to be. Following his military duty, Nick went missing and was thought to have died. Because Nick was employed by an NGO before he died in the street, the case attracted government attention.

Ella's Comfort and Family Reconnection
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The inquiry showed that Nick Ward was never missing in action; instead, the CIA staged his demise when he enlisted. After Christine Collins, a second CIA officer, was also discovered dead, the authorities discovered this.

Jack Wagner, Christine’s handler, provided essential information. He said that Nick had received grenades from Christine, and Nick’s job was to get them to someone so they could be transported outside the nation, maybe to Europe or Africa.

Confrontation with Terrorist Hakim and Its Aftermath in FBI

Nick was killed, and the grenades were stolen, leading to Christine’s death, likely by someone aware of the grenades’ presence in Nick’s truck. When she was assassinated in her car, the federal agents found it difficult to figure out how the assassins were aware of the grenades.

Elise suggested that they begin at the chain’s weakest link. When they finally located the person in charge of setting up the grenades, they discovered her lifeless in the shower.

Confrontation with Terrorist Hakim and Its Aftermath in FBI
Credits: CBS

Hakim was a wanted man for the murder of FBI Special Agent Hobbs. Tiffany took Hobbs’s death hard, blaming herself and idealizing him despite only knowing him for a day. After meddling in Hobbs’s family’s life, she threatened to get a restraining order, which is what made Tiffany decide to go to counselling. Although she had been improving, her stability was put in jeopardy by Hakim’s return.

With Hakim back, it indicated al-Shabaab’s involvement. From Nicole’s residence to a car containing Abdi Bashir, another Somalian who accompanied Hakim in terrorism, the feds tracked Hakim. The grenades were among the many lethal weapons they had taken. After eluding a government attempt to apprehend them with gunfire, Hakim and Bashir made their way to another place.

How Did The Episode End?

After the feds broke into the building, Maggie decided to bench Tiffany. Hakim and Bashir were not present despite the killing of one suspect and the arrest of another. The detained suspect expressed respect for Hakim’s work and refused to turn on his accomplices.

How Did The Episode End?
Credits: CBS

Clues left at the warehouse pointed to an imminent attack on a political event. Eventually, the feds caught up to Bashir and Hakim even though they were unable to stop the attack. Tiffany approached Hakim, who raised his empty hands, but she killed him nevertheless, then made up a story about him having a gun.

Maggie supported Tiffany’s account even though she saw Hakim give up and saw the gunshot occur. Tiffany was cleared of all charges after they utilised a gun discovered in his belt to defend the shooting. The family of Hobbs thanked her for providing closure after she told them the killer was deceased.

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In the finale of “FBI,” Maggie’s dedication to caring for Jess’s daughter Ella is central, as she navigates complex family dynamics and intense investigations. The team unravels a CIA cover-up involving stolen grenades and faces the return of terrorist Hakim.

Despite the emotional turmoil, Maggie stands by Tiffany when she kills Hakim under dubious circumstances. The episode ends with Tiffany exonerated and Hobbs’s family finding some peace, highlighting the show’s intense blend of personal and professional challenges.

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