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Frankly Speaking: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Release Date and More

Frankly Speaking

It is time for all the K-Drama fans to rejoice once again as Frankly Speaking, an upcoming romantic comedy series, is about to hit their small screens very soon. Everyone loves a good love story, but when there’s a whole lot of comedy mixed in, that turns into a recipe for success, and that’s exactly the case with Frankly Speaking, directed by Jang Ji-yeo and written by Choi Kyung-sun.

If you aren’t a big fan of K-Dramas just yet, Frankly Speaking might just be the perfect place to start, and we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about it ahead of its release. So, make sure you stick around until the end to learn about the plot, cast, and more about Frankly Speaking.

What is the Plot of Frankly Speaking?

The premise of Frankly Speaking follows an announcer who works for Ultra FM and develops a disorder that causes him to blurt out anything without thinking twice, making his work life and personal life difficult.

On the other hand, there is a woman who writes for a program and will do just about anything to make it entertaining, and that’s when she gets the idea of a lifetime, bringing the two protagonists together in an unlikely manner filled with love, comedy, and chaos.

The Cast of Frankly Speaking

While Frankly Speaking will have supporting cast members, the focus of the series will remain on the lead actor and actress, aka Go Kyung-pyo and Kang Han-na. Kyung-pyo is best known for his work in projects like Love in Contract, Private Lives, and Strongest Deliveryman.

As for Han-na, you might recognize her from her work in Friend: The Great Legacy, Spirits’ Homecoming, and No Tears for the Dead.

The Cast of Frankly Speaking
Credit: YouTube/Netflix Asia

Joining Kyung-pyo and Han-na in the cast of Frankly Speaking is Joo Jong-hyuk, who will play the role of  Kim Jung-heon.

When and Where Can You Watch Frankly Speaking?

The countdown for Frankly Speaking has officially begun and the release date isn’t too far away. This upcoming romantic-comedy series will be available to stream on May 1, 2024, and will be exclusively available to stream on Netflix and the nationwide South Korean Network, JTBC. New episodes of Frankly Speaking will be available every Wednesday and Thursday.

When and Where Can You Watch Frankly Speaking?
Credit: YouTube/Netflix Asia


Frankly Speaking might just become one of the most beloved romantic-comedy series of the year, as it shows a lot of promise with some of the finest South Korean actors and actresses. So, do keep a look out for our review on the same.