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Under The Bridge Season 1: Release Date, Storyline, And Everything We Know So Far

Under the Bridge

“Under the Bridge” is an upcoming eight-part series adapted from Rebecca Godfrey’s book, recounting one of Canada’s most shocking crimes from the late 1990s.

Despite the historical setting, the series tackles enduring social issues, ensuring its relevance to contemporary audiences. If you’re into true crime thrillers like us, this show might be for you. Read more to learn about the upcoming show “Under the Bridge”.

What Is Under The Bridge All About?

A 2005 true crime novel by Rebecca Godfrey, “Under the Bridge” tells the terrifying story of Reena Virk’s 1997 murder in British Columbia. The 14-year-old South Asian girl from Canada was being teased by her classmates when she was invited to a party close to Craigflower Bridge on November 14.

What Is Under The Bridge All About?
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She was viciously attacked by seven young females and one boy there. Later, two attackers, Warren Glowatski, 16, and Kelly Ellard, 15, violently attacked Virk as she tried to walk home, drowning her. By bringing attention to the long-lasting effects of bullying and violence in society, the series illuminates this horrific incident.

What Can Fans Expect From The Series?

The horrific murder of Reena Virk, which is thought to have been motivated by race, shocked Canada and attracted national attention because of how cruel it was and how young the killers were. The upcoming eight-episode television series “Under the Bridge,” which is based on Rebecca Godfrey’s book, is probably going to emphasise showing the human side of the case over adopting an analytical one.

What Can Fans Expect From The Series?
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A portrayal of Reena’s life before her murder, the horrific murder itself, and its aftermath are all anticipated. This will hopefully shed insight into the real-life personalities involved and the tragic events that transpired, reflecting societal concerns that are still relevant today.

Do We Have A Release Date?

The highly anticipated first season of “Under the Bridge” is set to premiere on Hulu on April 17, 2024. Viewers eagerly await the adaptation of Rebecca Godfrey’s true crime book, anticipating a gripping portrayal of the tragic murder of Reena Virk and its lasting impact on society.

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Who Will Be In The Cast?

A riveting ensemble cast is introduced in “Under the Bridge” to depict the complex personalities involved in Reena Virk’s tragic murder. As novelist Rebecca Godfrey, Riley Keough, who is well-known for her parts in “The Girlfriend Experience” and “Mad Max: Fury Road,” takes the starring role. She explores the investigation and reveals the sinister truths behind the youthful killers. Making her name in the business, Chloe Guidry plays the sassy Josephine Bell, who wants to be a hitman when she grows up.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
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Izzy G, well-known for his part in “B Positive,” plays the nuanced role of Josephine’s best friend Kelly Ellard, who also happens to be one of Virk’s killers. In his feature debut, Ezra Farouke Khan plays the role of Manjit Virk, Reena’s father. Alongside, Reena’s mother Suman Virk is portrayed by Archie Panjabi, who won praise for her performance in “The Good Wife”.

Vritika Gupta takes on the difficult character of Reena Virk, the disturbed adolescent who was murdered, and she does it by drawing on her early experiences growing up in a strict religious home. Known for his part in “Euphoria,” Javon Walton plays one of Virk’s killers, the quiet but evil Warren Glowatski.

Reena’s buddy Dusty is portrayed by Aiyana Goodfellow as struggling with guilt and the decision to betray her pals. Together, this talented ensemble promises to bring depth and authenticity to the complex narrative of “Under the Bridge.”


As “Under the Bridge” approaches its premiere on Hulu, anticipation mounts for this gripping adaptation of Rebecca Godfrey’s true crime novel. With a talented ensemble cast bringing the tragic story of Reena Virk’s murder to life, viewers can expect a compelling exploration of the human side of the case and its enduring societal impact.

As the series delves into themes of bullying, violence, and justice, it promises to captivate audiences with its raw authenticity and poignant storytelling. Prepare to be immersed in the chilling narrative of “Under the Bridge” as it unfolds on April 17, 2024.

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