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Jimmy Carr: Naturally Born Killer Review – Not for the Faint-Hearted!

Jimmy Carr

British-Irish comedian and presenter, Jimmy Carr is back on Netflix, and if you thought you had heard some of his darkest jokes before, he’s here to prove you wrong. Jimmy Carr: Naturally Born Killer is now officially streaming on Netflix, and if you’re a fan of some good old dark humor mixed with endless jokes, one after the other, then this comedy special is for you.

Jimmy Carr and his Netflix comedy special, Jimmy Carr: Naturally Born Killer isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Carr introduces and jokes about topics that one simply wouldn’t want to laugh about, yet somehow, it appears tasteful from time to time.

In this review, we will talk about what worked for us, and what didn’t work, which might help you decide whether you want to stream Carr’s latest comedy special on Netflix or skip it.

Jimmy Carr Can Joke About ANYTHING!

Jimmy Carr spares absolutely nothing and no one when it comes to his comedy special, Jimmy Carr: Naturally Born Killer. He starts off with a joke about transgenderism, moves on to pedophilia, and oftentimes mentions his girlfriend and cracks far too many jokes at her expense. But, it’s all funny. Carr hits the punchline over and over again, and it’s funny every single time.

Despite having an incredibly large audience in this special, Carr also manages to interact with the crowd and doesn’t hold back. He talks to his audience about porn, veganism, and everything in between, and also conducts a social experiment.

Jimmy Carr Can Joke About ANYTHING!
Credit: Netflix

Jimmy Carr: Naturally Born Killer is just under an hour and doesn’t have a single dull moment. Joke after joke, Carr proves to his live audience and fans at home that there’s absolutely nothing too sensitive that can’t be joked about.

This special was almost like a challenge where Carr joked about everything under the sun, whilst possibly offending some people, which is why we mentioned earlier that this comedy special might not be for everyone, but we have to admit, it was funny as hell.

There are almost far too many comedy specials on Netflix, and while some manage to stand out, the others – not so much. Dark humor has become increasingly popular, especially since time and people are more careful and sensitive than ever, and Carr plays into that as well.

Jimmy Carr: Naturally Born Killer Review
Credit: Netflix

However unlike others, Carr truly has no filter in Jimmy Carr: Naturally Born Killer. Just when you think that Carr’s jokes can’t possibly get more shocking and insensitive for several people, he goes ahead and proves you wrong, but it worked for Carr seamlessly for 59 minutes!


Jimmy Carr: Naturally Born Killer truly isn’t for everyone, but in those 59 minutes, you will find at least one joke that appeals you to, which makes this comedy special…special. Do let us know in the comments if you watched Jimmy Carr: Naturally Born Killer and your thoughts on it!