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Girls5Eva Season 3 Review: Reigniting Beat And Finding Harmony Through Laughter

Girls5Eva Season 3 Review

In “Girls5eva,” Sara Bareilles, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Busy Philipps, and Paula Pell reunite as ’90s one-hit wonders, aiming for pop stardom once more. They negotiate the highs and lows of friendship and fame while dealing with grownup responsibilities like family, careers, and health difficulties.

They combine heart and humour in their search for amends. Fans have been loving the show ever since its first season aired. Now that we have a third season with us, let’s see if it is worth streaming.

Girls5Eva Season 3
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Musical Mastery: The Secret Weapon of Girls5Eva

Girls5Eva Season 3” becomes a hilarious powerhouse, bringing many laughs in every tightly wound episode. The show fits an hour’s worth of humour into half-hour portions with its unrelenting storm of cutaway gags. The show is full of entertaining ideas, ranging from complex gags about Fort Worth, Texas, to the hysterically ridiculous Marriott Divorced Dad Suitelets.

Musical Mastery: The Secret Weapon of Girls5Eva
Credits: Netflix

But “Girls5Eva” is more than just a joke; the well-thought-out soundtrack and artwork take it to new levels. Viewers are taken through several decades of the group’s existence with ease thanks to the meticulous attention to detail in the costumes and stage design, perfectly capturing each period’s spirit.

Moreover, the music serves as a secret weapon, infusing the show with infectious energy and nostalgia. Whether it’s a throwback to the group’s ’90s heyday or a modern pop anthem, the music of “Girls5Eva” enhances the comedic experience, setting it apart from other comedies.

The humorous songs in “Girls5eva” are unquestionably one of its best features. The comic genius is evident, whether it’s in a single line of a ridiculous joke song or an entire musical piece. The outcome is a lovely mix of melody and humour that takes “Girls5eva” to new levels. “Girls5eva”‘s songs, whether they are passionate ballads or cheeky parodies, will make audiences laugh and tap their toes simultaneously.

Personal Growth and Evolution

With its topical humour, Girls5eva Season 3 manages to stay fresh and relevant while skillfully addressing serious subjects like the post-Roe v. Wade world. The band’s encounters with zealots and fanatics who have bizarre beliefs regarding women’s safety offer a satirical perspective on contemporary social discussions. The six-episode season hits the ideal balance. It’s a clever strategy for keeping the show interesting and preserving a strong storyline that leads to a delightful and entertaining finale.

Every member of the group experiences tremendous personal growth as a result of the girls leaving their comfort zone to embark on their tour. Though Gloria embarks on a fresh romance chapter and Dawn relishes her much-needed vacation, Summer and Wickie experience the most significant transitions.

Personal Growth and Evolution
Credits: Netflix

Busy Philipps‘s portrayal of Summer, which is nuanced and convincing, reveals new facets of the character while maintaining her core characteristics. In the meantime, the third episode of the show has a noteworthy spotlight moment for Wickie. This in-depth examination of Wickie’s narrative offers a moving high point that demonstrates the complexity and growth of her character throughout the season.

“Girls5eva” offers heartwarming moments of growth and self-discovery in addition to laughter, as each member of the group is going through their evolution. A captivating and fulfilling viewing experience is provided as viewers follow the Girls’ journey towards personal empowerment and fulfilment as the tour continues.


The third season of “Girls5Eva” is a spectacular continuation of the adored show, skillfully fusing heart, humour, and musical ability. The comedy explores themes of friendship, progress, and self-discovery while delivering nonstop chuckles thanks to its razor-sharp wit and contagious energy.

The finely composed music and artwork distinguish the story from other comedies by giving it depth and genuineness. “Girls5Eva” strikes a chord with viewers with its dramatic character arcs and relevant humour, providing a pleasurable and satisfying viewing experience. We definitely recommend you to stream it now on Netflix!

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