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Dark Matter Episode 5 Review: Multiverse at Your Fingertips

Dark Matter Episode 5 Review

Dark Matter created by Blake Crouch is making some big strides when it comes to the concept of the multiverse and is proving to be an adequate yet intriguing adaptation of Crouch’s sci-fi novel. So far, five episodes of the series are available to stream on Apple TV+, Episode 5 is the most recent one, and things are certainly moving forward in the series, but the focus on the multiverse is almost larger than actually driving the narrative forward.

Dark Matter Episode 5 had some brilliant scenes, and more of that will be explored in this review. We highly recommend watching the series on Apple TV+ before taking a dive into this review, because there will be some spoilers ahead, you have been warned!

Does Jason 1 Finally Make it Home?

Much like the previous reviews and previews of Dark Matter, in this particular review too we will be using the terms Jason 1 (the original Jason) and Jason 2 (the Jason from the other Universe) to help differentiate between the two Jasons because when it comes to the multiverse, matters can be a little confusing.

Does Jason 1 Finally Make it Home?
Credit: Apple TV+

Speaking of the multiverse, of course, this element is key to the entire series, but especially Dark Matter Episode 5 because we see a more in-depth view of just how wrong things can go the second Jason 1 and Amanda open the door to the wrong universe. In this episode, the pair continues to explore the corridor in hopes of finding Jason 1’s original universe, however, it is a lot harder than it might seem.

Not only do Jason 1 and Amanda open the door to the wrong universe, but in one of them they are welcomed to a place riddled with a disease that has killed several and continues to, including Daniela and Charlie who are barely surviving.

Although this version of Daniela and Charlie are not related to Jason 1, he feels obliged to stick around, which is also self-fulfilling in some ways.

Does Jason 1 Finally Make it Home?
Credit: Apple TV+

Certain scenes in Dark Matter Episode 5 are also tear-jerkers, which wasn’t expected from the series, at least not at this point. Jason 1 is keen on finding his universe and despite thinking he has come close, he lands in one where Daniela immediately calls the police to come get her “ex-husband,” who should be in prison. As heartbreaking as it is for Jason 1, it serves as an interesting addition to the concept of the multiverse.

Meanwhile, Jason 2 is busy trying to figure things out with his new investor, Leighton, who tempts Jason 2 with a bigger investment if Jason 2 gets more ampoules, which will help Leighton travel through the corridor many more times.

Jason 2
Credit: Apple TV+

This scene is important because it is the first time we see Jason 2 go back to his own universe and interact with someone, which also makes him realize that he needs to seal the box shut, but what will that mean for Jason 1 and Amanda?


The next episode of Dark Matter might have some turning points for your favorite characters, so make sure you tune in and don’t miss out on our review of the same!

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