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Hierarchy Review: Is Netflix’s Latest High-School Drama Worth a Watch?

Hierarchy Review

Netflix’s latest high-school drama appears to be the perfect replacement for Elite, which is also available to watch on the streaming platform. Hierarchy is set around the line that separates the rich students from the scholarship kids, or the less fortunate kids. This series stars some fantastic cast members like Harrison Xu, No Jeong-ee, Kim Jae-Won, Lee Chae-Min, and Ji Hye-Won amongst several others.

As far as Hierarchy goes, this series most certainly can be compared to other high-school dramas on Netflix and other streaming platforms, however, it also manages to set itself apart from the crowd, which is one of the best parts about it.

In this review, we will talk a little more about Hierarchy, and you can decide whether you want to stream it or skip it.

Dark, Dramatic, and Full of Secrets

At Jooshin High School, there’s a new scholarship student who disrupts the peace that has often been kept between the elite and the others. Of course, this student was mainly needed to shake things up at school, create some drama, steal the girl, and while he ticks all those boxes that are a must for any high school drama, he also manages to capture the real divide between the students (who wear different kinds of ties based on their status).

Dark, Dramatic, and Full of Secrets
Credit: Netflix

Hierarchy doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary, in fact, oftentimes this K-drama feels like an amalgamation of different high school dramas that we have watched for years now. But despite that familiarity, Hierarchy knocks it out of the park because it keeps things interesting in every episode, and you will find yourself wanting more at the end, thanks to the cheesy yet shocking cliffhangers.

This latest K-drama on Netflix, directed by Bae Hyun-Jin focuses on the big pictures, the big issues, and the change needed in school and society, but also manages to keep some focus on the petty rivalries, the gossip, and the cliched teen drama. Ultimately, Hierarchy has a little bit of everything for anyone looking for their next teen drama series.

Credit: Netflix

One of our favorite parts of Hierarchy which is often missing from other series is the set design. Now, one might wonder that set design doesn’t really contribute to the story, but that isn’t the case with this K-drama. In fact, the lavish set design helps the audience understand more about the background of some of these students and the lives they lead inside and outside school.

Without spoiling this series for you, we recommend keeping a lookout for the character, Kang Ha, who carries the entire show on his shoulders. Of course, plenty of credit goes to other characters too, but Kang Ha gets the job done!

Kang Ha
Credit: Netflix


Hierarchy will have you hooked from start to finish, and if you love K-drama, then this series is right up your alley. Do let us know in the comment section what you thought about Hierarchy and who your favorite character was!

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