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Blood of Zeus Season 3: Is It Renewed? Everything We Know

Blood of Zeus Season 3

Blood of Zeus has slowly become a very popular show on Netflix. Earlier called Gods & Heroes, the series has a mix of genres like fantasy, adventure, and action. The animated series started in October 2020 and impressed viewers with its animation, storyline, and action.

Blood of Zeus Season 3
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A second season was ordered and it recently concluded. Since then, viewers have been looking to know if they will get to see Blood of Zeus Season 3. They don’t want this season to be canceled hence the curiosity is there. Read on to find the answer.

How Did The Previous Season of Blood of Zeus End?

Vlas Parlapanides and Charley Parlapanides have created and written Blood of Zeus while Shaunt Nigoghossian has been the director. The first season was released on October 27th, 2020 on Netflix. A second season was issued and it premiered on May 10th, 2024. Both these seasons have eight episodes. Charley and Vlas are also the executive producers along with Brad Graeber.

The final episode of the second season was called The Three Trials and it was written by the Parlapanides while Joshua Covey and Jae H. Kim directed it. The episode showcases a fight between all the groups just to have the Eleusinian Stone. Eventually, Heron triumphs and sits on the throne to head Olympus. Typhon also appears and has intentions to kill the gods of Zeus. He remains a major threat throughout the season for the gods.

His name is not uttered but as the finale reaches its conclusion, we see Gaia spelling his name. This results in Typhon appearing in Olympus. A very shocking thing happens when his appearance breaks the Eleusinia stone. This also leads to Typhon the Titan coming back into the world which shivers everyone in Olympus.

Is Blood of Zeus Season 3 Happening?

Blood of Zeus Season 3 was confirmed by the creators and Netflix even before the second season premiered. Earlier, they had revealed that they have a basic outline and even the plot for five seasons. Since Netflix has renewed it quickly for another season, we can expect the success of the third season might actually lead the streamer to greenlight two more seasons.

Is Blood of Zeus Season 3 Happening?
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What To Expect From It?

Blood of Zeus Season 3 will continue right when the second season ends and we will get to see more battles on God and the Titans. Their fight will surely get more intense in the upcoming season. The Typhon is born again in the last season and it will pose a massive threat to the gods. We will eventually find out how all the gods were finished.

The upcoming season will focus on many other gods as well. Since the makers have mapped out five seasons, it is expected that they have an overarching storyline that will take place over many years and will cover many incidents in Olympus and the war of gods with the Titans.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

Blood of Zeus Season 3 should have the same actors lending their voices as the previous season. This includes Derek Phillips voicing Heron, while Jason O’Mara will voice both Zeus and Elias characters.

Other actors who might return are Claudia Christian (Hera), Elias Toufexis (Seraphim), Mamie Gummer (Electra), and Chris Diamantopoulos (Evios). We might see some new actors also joining Blood of Zeus Season 3 if new characters are introduced.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
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There is no confirmation of a release date, but the makers have confirmed that there will be less gap between the second and the third season. We can speculate that the third season might drop sometime in 2025.


Blood of Zeus is a very engaging show and remains a favorite of fans who are into animated shows. Its dark subject makes it a hit among viewers looking for mature storytelling in the animation format. Since the second season ended on a very dramatic note, fans want to watch Blood of Zeus Season 3.

They want to know what Typhon will do to the Gods and how he will be stopped. Overall, there is much excitement around the upcoming season and we can expect more news about it in the near future from the makers.