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Has Survival Of The Thickest Renewed For Season 2? Everything We Know

The protagonist of “Survival of the Thickest,” a book of essays by actor Michelle Buteau, is Mavis Beaumont, whom viewers follow on a journey through her life. Mavis’s narrative offers a new and relatable perspective on life, love, and self-discovery through humour, honesty, and tenacity.

Survival Of The Thickest Renewed For Season 2
Credits: Variety

The first season of the show was well-loved and fans have been wondering whether the show has been renewed for another season or not.

If you’re one of those fans, you are in the right place. Read on to learn more about the show and its renewal.

What Is The Show Survival of the Thickest All About?

“Survival of the Thickest” is all about a size-inclusive NYC stylist who endures a terrible breakup but doesn’t let her dreams fall apart with her partner. She defies convention by embracing her untidy single life and is determined to make her own way in the competitive fashion industry.

What Is The Show Survival of the Thickest All About?
Credits: The Hollywood Reporter

She has experienced setbacks, from embarrassing workplace mishaps to the exhilarating dating scene, but she is unflinching in her quest for achievement. She is driven by tenacity and resolve to overcome her obstacles and establish herself as a legitimate boss in her own right.

Has The Show Been Renewed?

The much anticipated second season of “Survival of the Thickest” has now been confirmed, much to the delight of fans. On February 13, 2024, the thrilling news was verified when lead actress and creator of the series Michelle Buteau announced on The Today Show.

Considering the tremendous reviews and favourable reactions the programme received in its first season, the decision to renew it is not surprising. The second season of Mavis Beaumont is highly anticipated by audiences who are looking forward to more emotional moments, humour, and motivation.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Season?

Season one of “Survival of the Thickest” saw Mavis Beaumont progressing in both her personal and professional life. Mavis seemed to have found her groove with the successful launch of her plus-size fashion business, “Thick & Fit,” also, she got back into the dating world by scrolling through yet another dating app, her fingers moving in a never-ending circle to the left and right. However, despite challenges in her life, she was able to advance in both her personal and professional life.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Season?
Credits: Deadline

Viewers look forward to exploring the intricacies of love, ambition, and self-discovery with Mavis as Season 2 draws near.

Fans can expect more stylish moments, clever conversations, and poignant exchanges, even though precise story details are yet unknown. This will guarantee that Mavis’ journey is as fascinating, relatable, and inspirational as ever.

Do We Have A Release Date?

Fans will have to wait a little while longer to see “Survival of the Thickest” return for a second season, despite their great anticipation. Viewers are in suspense as Netflix has not yet revealed the official release date for Season 2.

Still, given normal manufacturing schedules, we can reasonably expect it to arrive in late 2024 or early 2025. Fans can relax knowing that Mavis Beaumont’s adventure will resume with all the passion, humour, and empowerment they’ve grown to love from the series, even as the anticipation grows.

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Who Is The Creative Force Behind The Show?

Michelle Buteau is the creative force behind this show. She is a talented actress, stand-up comedian, producer and more. Besides “Survival of the Thickest”, in 2020, Michelle Buteau collaborated with Netflix for her hour-long comedy special, “Michelle Buteau: Welcome to Buteaupia,” showcasing her comedic prowess and unique perspective.

Who Is The Creative Force Behind The Show?
Credits: NPR

She further solidified her relationship with the streaming platform as the host and voice of the popular Netflix game show “The Circle.” We can see the talented Buteau’s versatility shining through in various projects including her appearances in “Tales of the City,” and “First Wives Club,” among many others. With her charisma and talent, Buteau continues to captivate audiences across different genres and platforms.


As “Survival of the Thickest” gears up for its highly anticipated second season, fans can rejoice knowing that Mavis Beaumont’s journey will continue to captivate and inspire. With the renewal of the show confirmed and the creative force of Michelle Buteau at its helm, viewers can expect another round of heartfelt moments, humour, and motivation.

While the official release date is yet to be announced, the prospect of diving back into Mavis’s world promises to be worth the wait. As anticipation builds, audiences can look forward to experiencing more of Buteau’s charm and talent across various platforms, ensuring an exciting future for both the show and its creator.

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