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Living with Leopards Review: Mesmerizing Yet Playful Wildlife Documentary Lands on Netflix

Living with Leopards

Netflix has an abundance of any and every genre that you can think of, and it has truly capitalized on documentaries and docuseries in the last few years. People have steered more towards other streaming platforms for fiction and oftentimes found their way to Netflix when they want something raw and real, and this time around, it’s a stunningly beautiful documentary on the beasts of the jungle, the leopards.

Living with Leopards isn’t just a 70-minute documentary on leopards, but everything around them, from their cubs to the other wildlife, and also, the crew. More often than not, wildlife documentaries tend to focus only on the subject at hand, and rightfully so, but Living with Leopards on Netflix has managed to set itself apart.

Educational, Playful, and Much More

Living with Leopards on Netflix manages to tell the viewers a story, and has far too many moments of uniqueness, that set itself apart from other nature or wildlife documentaries on the streaming platform. One you press play on Living with Leopards, there’s no chance you will find yourself hitting the pause button.

There isn’t a single moment of boredom when it comes to Living with Leopards, so if you have been looking for a starting point when it comes to documentaries, especially those deep in the jungle, then Living with Leopards is the perfect place to start.

Educational, Playful, and Much More
Credit: Netflix

Of course, the film crew of Living with Leopards has managed to capture leopards and their cubs in their natural element, whether that involves hunting prey, jumping from a tree, taking unlikely risks, and much more, but this documentary crew has gone beyond the ordinary.

Living with Leopards, unlike many other documentaries, also has music. Now, in this case, we aren’t talking about the slow, suspense-filled music, but instead, actual upbeat songs that only elevate this documentary in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.

The music isn’t the only thing that sets Living with Leopards apart, but also the inclusion of the crew who have spent a long time, deep in the jungle, filming these majestic beasts. We see a glimpse into their lives and the process that goes behind making a documentary like this, but their inclusion remains subtle.

Living with Leopards
Credit: Netflix

Living with Leopards isn’t a behind-the-scenes documentary, but still manages to include the people who have created this masterpiece, and that’s an element that will help the viewers connect to the documentary.


Apart from the unique elements, as a wildlife documentary, Living with Leopards is beautiful in every way possible, and if you’re a fan of this subgenre, this documentary on Netflix will be right up your alley! So do let us know in the comments what you thought about it.

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