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T・P Bon Review: Netflix Adapts Popular Time Traveling Manga Series!

T・P Bon Review

Fujiko Fujio’s manga series Time Patrol Bon has been adapted into a 12-part animated series on Netflix, titled, T・P Bon. This series follows an average young boy, Bon Namihira who is living his life – going to school, spending time with friends, and simply being average. However, on one fine day, all of that changes, very drastically. Now, Bon has become acquainted with time-traveling agents, and he is on a mission of a lifetime.

All episodes of T・P Bon are now streaming on Netflix and are the perfect binge with all episodes just under 30 minutes.

So, you can either watch all the episodes with some break in between, or as one long movie, and the latter is likely because you will want to know what happens to Bon next after every single episode. In this review of T・P Bon, we will tell you more about what worked and what didn’t work when it comes to this manga adaptation.

Bon Gets Wrapped Up in Time Traveling Adventures

If you have watched Loki and Doctor Who, and loved both of those shows, then T・P Bon is right up your alley. The concept of time traveling has been used several times across a span of decades and continues to be one of the most beloved concepts ever.

It is always fun, there are new and unique rules and additions every time, and T・P Bon takes time traveling and its rules very seriously, especially the character Ream Stream.

Bon Gets Wrapped Up in Time Traveling Adventures
Credit: Netflix

T・P Bon revolves around Bon Namihira, a young boy who is living his life without hurting anyone. He isn’t too popular, but he isn’t the most unpopular kid either. Bon is also one of the most relatable characters in T・P Bon, which works greatly in favor of this series.

One fine day, Bon is convinced that because he has studied too much he is seeing things, and visits a friend for some clarity. However, he accidentally ends up killing his friend…sort of.

This is when Bon is introduced to Ream Stream and Buyoyon. Ream Stream is a time-traveling agent whose job is to prevent unfortunate and avoidable deaths, only if it doesn’t tamper with important historical events.
There are many rules, regulations, and chaos when it comes to time traveling in T・P Bon, and soon enough, Bon finds himself roped into the situation, and he becomes Ream Stream’s apprentice, and thus begins a journey of a lifetime.

T・P Bon Review
Credit: Netflix

T・P Bon is an exceptionally crafted animated series as it sees some genuinely tough missions whilst also developing the character arcs of Bon and Ream Stream in all the episodes. Every mission, in any part of the world, is fun yet frightening to watch, because you will find yourself growing fond of the characters as you continue to watch T・P Bon.


T・P Bon on Netflix is a brilliant adaptation of Fujiko Fujio’s manga series and does complete justice to the original source material. Do let us know in the comments if you have watched this series, and if not, we highly recommend adding it your watchlist!

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