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Lost Boys & Fairies: Release Date, Cast, Storyline And More

Lost Boys & Fairies

BBC is known for its interesting set of shows from different genres. Now, they are offering yet another exciting show which is called Lost Boys & Fairies and its announcement and promos have really generated hype among viewers. Even those who aren’t avid BBC show watchers are interested in it.

Lost Boys & Fairies
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The name is intriguing and this drama is actually a miniseries, which means it will be concise and sharp like many other miniseries that have come out in recent years. So let us take a look into all the details of this series.

What Is Lost Boys & Fairies All About?

Lost Boys & Fairies is a drama series that is the creation of Daf James who is also its writer while James Kent has directed the episodes. It chronicles Gabriel (played by (Sion Daniel Young) who is employed at a club called Neverlands which is situated in the Cardiff region. His mother had died when he was young and his father was very strict and religious.

This resulted in him getting forced to watch religious films on AIDS etc. All this trauma is still with him and he has hidden it from Andy (played by Fra Fee) who is his partner. They are now deciding to adopt a seven-year-old child named Jake. However, Gabriel will have to heal his trauma and discover himself before he starts to become a parent. This journey will be really beautiful to witness.

Who Is In The Cast?

Lost Boys & Fairies has an interesting set of actors including Sion Daniel Young who plays Gabriel while Fra Fee is Andy.

Other cast members include Elizabeth Berrington (playing Jackie), Sharon D. Clarke (Claire), Maria Doyle Kennedy (Sandra), William Thomas (Emrys), Arwel Gruffydd (Berwyn/Fanny Ample), Shaheen Jafargholi (Celyn), Mali Ann Rees (Llinos), Alexandria Riley (Sharon), Gwyneth Keyworth (Becky), Leo Harris (Jake), Tomos Eames (young Emrys), Arthur Sion Evans (young Gabriel), Dylan Malyn (teenage Gabriel), Catriona James (Helen) and Clare Hingott (Julie).

Who Is In The Cast?
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Lost Boys & Fairies will premiere on Monday, June 3rd, 2024 on BBC iPlayer. The series will have three episodes in total and every week on Monday, a new episode will be released. The duration is not clear yet but it will be known after the premiere takes place.

People in the USA might also have to wait for a while to figure out the platform the episodes will be made available after their BBC run.

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Do We Have A Trailer?

On May 23rd, a 30-second-long trailer was released on BBC’s official YouTube channel. It starts with Andy and Daniel sitting on a couch in front of a counselor who asks them why they want to adopt this kid.

Daniel says that he and Andy have a lot to offer as parents. We then see a shot of them talking to each other about how they feel. They compare the feeling to being in school and there is no one who wants to play with you. Suddenly, they stand up to a sound and there is a kid in front of them. This kid might be Jake whom they want to adopt.

Later, Andy says that he will adopt Jake with or even without Daniel being involved. The teaser overall gives a glimpse of what the show has to offer. It feels like an emotional show showing the emotional growth of a man whose childhood was not simple or normal. But he wants to have a child to give him everything that he never had. The trailer doesn’t reveal the plot but generates enough interest.


Lost Boys & Fairies is an upcoming show on BBC that deals with new-age parents who are trying to adopt a child. However, one of them is facing his own issues that trace back to his childhood. Viewers really want to watch this breezy-looking miniseries that is about parenthood, childhood trauma, and other important themes.

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