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My Name Is Loh Kiwan 2: Is It Happening? Everything We Know So Far

My Name Is Loh Kiwan 2

My Name Is Loh Kiwan is a South Korean film in the drama genre. It was written and helmed by Kim Hee-jin and was released on Netflix in 2024 and met with positive critical response. The film has managed to leave an impact on the viewers who are now craving a sequel.

My Name Is Loh Kiwan 2
Credits: Netflix

People want to know if a sequel is in the works or if they will have to live with the fact that it was a standalone film. So if you want to know more about the potential sequel of My Name Is Loh Kiwan, continue reading.

What Is My Name Is Loh Kiwan?

My Name Is Loh Kiwan is based on the Korean novel titled I Met Loh Kiwan which was penned by Cho Hae-jin. It was first published in the year 2019. The main plotline is centered around a guy named Loh Kiwan (played by Song Joong-ki) who is a North Korean defector. He escapes his country and moves to China accompanied by his mother.

What Is My Name Is Loh Kiwan?
Credits: Netflix

However, the mother-son duo is separated by the authorities in China. She tragically passes away. But before she breathes her last, Kiwan’s mother expresses her wish for her son to find a safe place to spend the rest of his life free from stress.

Circumstances force him to leave China also and he ends up in Brussels. In a foreign country, he fights to survive and is homeless during really cold and harsh weather. Things change for Kiwan after he crosses paths with a girl named Lee Marie (Choi Sung-eun).

She used to be an athlete from Belgium but is also going through a rough time. Both of them form a strong bond as they go through many ups and downs and plan for bright days.

Has It Been Renewed For A Sequel?

My Name Is Loh Kiwan is adapted from the namesake novel which was also successful. It more or less covers the entire content of the novel and ends on a happy, satisfactory, and conclusive note. Towards the end, we see Kiwan as he decides to drop his citizenship for Belgium.

Along with Lee Marie, the titular character goes to Amsterdam, Netherlands. The couple tries to restart and give a new try to life in a different country. Taking all these events into account, there is a very slim chance that a sequel will take place.

Has It Been Renewed For A Sequel?
Credits: South China Morning Post

But not everything is bleak as the makers might greenlight a sequel considering the response and success the film is enjoying. If that happens, we can expect it to focus on the life of Kiwan and Marie as they navigate their life in Amsterdam.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

Song Joong-ki (who plays the titular North Korean defector Loh Kiwan) and Choi Sung-eun (who portrays Lee Marie) an ex-athelete and Kiwan’s partner, are surely going to make a comeback if a sequel takes place. Since both of them are the central point and the anchor of the story, the sequel can’t move forward without them.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
Credits: Tatler Asia

Kim Sung-ryung (who played Kiwan’s mother Ok-hee) won’t appear in the sequel since she died in the first film. Maybe the makers can bring her back through flashback sequences. Apart from them, we can also see Lee Sang-hee (who plays the role of an immigrant Seon-ju) as well as Waël Sersoub (who plays the role of Cyril who owns a bar).


Lately, the world has witnessed a massive explosion in content coming from South Korea. This includes their music, which is K-pop, and their shows, which are called K-dramas. People from different countries have been enjoying both the music and shows from South Korea.

But films in particular have been popular for many years. Names like Oldboy, Memories of Murder, and The Wailing have been loved by people irrespective of their background.

Another addition to this list is My Name Is Loh Kiwan which centres around a defect from North Korea. The background of the actor sheds light on the people of North Korea who often try to leave that country for a better quality of life. They want to leave behind the vice-like grip of the state on the daily movements of their citizens. This is the reason why they risk their lives to escape their homeland.

This exact theme was captured in the series Crash Landing on You and My Name Is Loh Kiwan does the same in a shorter span of time. Just like many South Korean films, this one also touches upon the socio-economic situation of its lead actors. After Kiwan lands in Belgium, we see him struggling for basic necessities and a roof over his head. This theme has been common in many films from South Korea.

My Name Is Loh Kiwan is beautifully directed, strongly written, and well-acted and remains an engaging piece of cinema. The performances of its lead actors, Song Joong-ki as well as Choi Sung-eun are the strongest points of the film. They act in a very real and raw way which strikes a chord with the viewers. We feel their struggle. We get emotional when they cry. We are happy when they are happy.

The film delves into some really poignant points related to the condition of North Korean citizens and their treatment outside the country. Apart from that, we also see that immigration and other laws are not always in favor of a normal citizen.

But despite the hardships, the film gives a strong message that love can triumph over all kinds of difficulties. It would have been easy for the makers to end on a bleak note. But thankfully they end the story of its protagonists on a very hopeful note where they can have a future they deserve.

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