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My Fault 2: Is It Happening? Everything We Know

My Fault 2

My Fault is a Spanish-language film in the romantic drama genre that was released in the year 2023 on June 8. The film is helmed by Domingo González in his directorial debut. My Fault stars Nicole Wallace and Gabriel Guevara in the lead roles and it turned out to be a major success upon its release.

My Fault 2
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Right after its release, fans of My Fault have been wondering about when a sequel will be released. If you have been thinking about the same, continue reading as we cover that bit in this article.

What Is My Fault All About?

My Fault is based on the namesake story written by Argentinian writer and communicator Mercedes Ron. The story was first published on Wattpad which is a website for reading and publishing fiction stories. It follows the story of Noah (played by Nicole Wallace) who is leaving her hometown with her mother for her new husband who is really wealthy. The mother-daughter duo shifts to his giant mansion.

Both her boyfriend and her close friends are left behind. In the mansion, she crosses paths with her stepbrother Nick. Very soon she finds out the reality of Nick. The original Spanish title of the film is Culpa Mia.

What Happened In The End Of My Fault?

As the story progresses, Rafaella (Marta Hazas) brings Dan home after sensing that there is something wrong with Noah. Slowly, Noah falls in love with Nick. Later on, a fistfight breaks out between Nick and Ronnie. While Noah is taking care of the wounds of Nick, they end up kissing. Later on, Nick part ways with Noah because of another fight as she states all the violence in her life.

What Happened In The End Of My Fault?
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Noah continues to receive notes from someone related to revenge who turns out to be her father Jonas who has been estranged. She finds out that Jonás has been using his prison buddy Ronnie to come across Rafaella and Noah.

William learns about this and asks Nick to be aware of Noah. Nick saves Noah from Anna after locking her in the closet and takes her home. William finds out about the relationship between Nick and Noah. While there is another half-sister of Nick named Maggie who is from the side of her mother.

Both Noah and Nick conclude their relationship since their parents won’t accept it. Later on, Ronnie kidnaps Noah after the orders from her father Jonás. Both Rafaella and William find out about this from some notes.

Rafaella receives a call from Jonas asking for a ransom of €1 million that too in cash. Subsequently, she reaches the place with William while the cops are with them. Nick also shows up after finding out the location with the help of his insurance tracker built into his Porsche vehicle.

Toward the end, a car chase sequence takes place involving Nick, Noah, and Jonás along with the cops. It ends with Jonás getting killed by the police. The film concludes with Noah and Nick once again resuming their relationship. Realizing this, Rafaella asks William to end their relationship.

Is My Fault 2 Happening?

On July 26, 2023, just days after the film’s release, Prime Video announced that a sequel of My Fault is currently in the works. The makers revealed that there will be two more films that will be adapted from the two books of Mercedes Ron’ that are a part of her Culpables trilogy. The other two books are called Culpa Tuya (Your Fault) and Culpa Nuestra (Our Fault).

Is My Fault 2 Happening?
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Do We Have A Release Date?

So far, no. The makers have not revealed the official release date of the sequel. However, we can expect My Fault 2 to be released somewhere around 2025. We also know that the two films will be shot at the same time. We maybe we can expect both the film to either release next year or one year after the other. The films went on the floor towards the end of August 2023.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

In the sequel, both Nicole Wallace (Noah) and Gabriel Guevara (Nick) will be returning as they are the main characters in the story. Apart from them, Marta Hazas (who plays Rafaella) will also make a comeback. Iván Sánchez (William Leister), Eva Ruiz (Jenna), Víctor Varona (Lion) and Fran Berenguer (Ronnie) can also return. Iván Massagué (who portrayed Jonás) won’t be returning as his character was killed.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
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My Fault received mixed reviews from critics. Despite that, it ended up becoming a success on the streaming platform. Based on an equally successful book, the film was true to its source material. The relatable characters of Noah and Nick also touched upon the right chords with the audience.

Because of its relatable story of romance as well as twists and turns, My Fault turned out to be a major success. This is the reason why there is so much anticipation and excitement surrounding the much-talked-about sequel. Not just one, there are two installments in the work which is double news for the fans.

The books have been well received and its fans have been able to enjoy the film more. Since their favorite story got a visual representation, it further received love from viewers. My Fault came out of nowhere, and despite being a non-English film, it managed to break the barriers of language and culture and was well received by people across the globe.

Not just in Spanish-speaking audiences, the film has connected with people from varied cultures and languages from different countries. Filled with incredible performances from its cast, strong writing, and direction, the film remains an example of how a well-executed and engaging story will work irrespective of its limitation of language and culture. Having said all this, fans can’t wait for the sequel that will drop sooner or later.

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