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Owning Manhattan – Netflix Release Date, Cast And Everything We Know

Owning Manhattan

Netflix does not hold back when it comes to reality shows, and one of the more popular subgenres is real estate reality shows, which have truly tapped into a huge fan base. If there’s viewership, it can only mean that these shows will continue to increase in number with a whole lot of drama, which brings us to the upcoming series – Owning Manhattan.

As the title suggests, this real estate reality series will be set primarily in Manhattan, which has some of the most expensive and beautiful homes in the whole world. So, whether you have an interest in real estate, or simply love drama in reality shows, we suggest sticking around till the end as we tell you everything you need to know about Owning Manhattan!

What is the Premise of Owning Manhattan?

Owning Manhattan follows the life and career of Ryan Serhant, who is the CEO of his company, Serhant, and a real estate mogul, who knows every little thing when it comes to the house of Manhattan.

In this series, we will witness his work along with how he brings his team together to sell some of the most expensive houses in Manhattan, and this comes along with a lot of drama and different dynamics.

In the official trailer of Owning Manhattan, you can catch a glimpse of the upcoming series and how everyone means business!

The Cast of Owning Manhattan

The main focus of Owning Manhattan will be on the real estate king who has taken over New York City, aka Ryan Serhant. Serhant knows what it takes to sell a million-dollar house and can do it with ease, but in this new series, we will also witness how his entire team works, and the dynamics between them.

The Cast of Owning Manhattan
Credit: Netflix

While Serhant will be in focus, the other cast members joining him in Owning Manhattan are Chloe Tucker Caine, Genesis Suero, Jade Shenker, Jeffrey St. Arromand, Jessica Markowski, Jessica Taylor, Jordan Hurt, Jordan March, and Nile Lundgren amongst others who belong to the real estate circle in New York City.

When and Where Can You Watch Owning Manhattan?

All those who are curious about Owning Manhattan and have patiently been waiting for its release since Netflix dropped the trailer won’t have to wait too long. The upcoming real estate series is set to be released on June 28, 2024. With the release date just around the corner, we highly recommend saving the date, because you wouldn’t want to miss out on this!


Owning Manhattan truly has something for everyone, and if you decide to add this series to your watchlist, we would also recommend keeping a lookout on the website for a detailed review of the same!

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