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Past Lies Season 2: Is It Happening? Everything We Know

Past Lies Season 2

Past Lies is a very engaging Spanish show in the drama thriller genre. The original title of the series is Las largas sombras and it came out in 2024. Upon its premiere, the series quickly became a success with the viewers. The ending was really intriguing and was very well received.

Past Lies Season 2
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Since the finale dropped, viewers are curious to find out if Past Lies Season 2 is going to happen or not. Fans want to see a second season of this series so we will be looking into if the makers have commissioned or canceled it.

What Is Past Lies All About?

Past Lies has been directed by Júlia de Paz and Clara Roquet while Lucía Carballal, Clara Roquet, Miguel Sáez Carral, and Adrià P. Xancó are the writers.

The series is based on a novel by Elia Barceló and follows several women who are living their lives peacefully. Suddenly, the story changes after they witness their former classmate from school. The twist is that this person had gone missing 25 years ago during a trip. The series had six episodes and all of them were released on Hulu on May 10th, 2024.

The final episode of the show was called Pacto de sangre (Blood Pact) which was released on the same day as other episodes. It showcases the cops finally closing the case of the mysterious classmate. However, Rita still believes something is not right and goes on to find out what is actually happening.

Is Past Lies Season 2 Happening?

Hulu has not announced that Past Lies Season 2 is happening. Since it was made as a miniseries with limited episodes, it is unlikely that it will return for another season. The ending of the show had a lot of revelations and had a somewhat satisfactory note of conclusion.

Is Past Lies Season 2 Happening?
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However, we should wait for a while to see how the platform gauges its response. It’s normal for the makers to assess the response of a show before giving a go-ahead to its second season. So there is still hope that its warm response can be measured to issue Past Lies Season 2.

What To Expect From It?

If Past Lies Season 2 happens, we can speculate what it will have to offer. Since the source material is very vast, we can expect the makers to cover some of its aspects in the second season. The makers can start the second season after the first season ends.

We can expect the series to focus more on all the major characters as they fight with their own issues. We can see these characters trying to deal with the aftermath of the heavy events that took place earlier.

The makers can also focus on an entirely different mystery story featuring the old cast members. Or we can expect the storyline to take place in a very different setting and location. Overall, it would be really fun to witness Past Lies Season 2 if it happens.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

Past Lies Season 2 might have the original cast of the first season including Elena Anaya (playing Rita), Belén Cuesta (Teresa), Itziar Atienza (Candela), Marta Etura (Sole), Irene Escolar (Paula), Roger Casamajor (César), Juan Blanco (Gerardo), and Lorena López (Lena) among others. The makers can also feature an entirely new cast consisting of new actors.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
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This might happen if the storyline and the setting are completely changed. Hulu might also have the team having a mix of earlier cast with some new faces. The release date can be speculated so the second season might happen sometime in 2025.


Past Lies has worked not just in Spanish-speaking audiences but for people across the globe. Its mysterious plot told in a taut thriller fashion, has made it a success. Fans truly want to see Past Lies Season 2 and they deserve to see another spin of the story or its continuation.

Since the first season has worked, there is still a chance that Hulu might commission a second season. So fans should be hopeful that it should happen. Past Lies Season 2 is massively anticipated and we are hoping it happens real soon.