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Bandidos Season 2: Is It Happening? Everything We Know So Far?


Bandidos is a Spanish television series in the action and adventure genre. It was released on Netflix and captivated the viewers with its thrilling content. The show was released on March 13th, 2024 and was well-received and it has left viewers wanting more due to its content.

Bandidos Season 2
Credits: Netflix

Since then, there has been a lot of curiosity and excitement in audiences who want to know if Bandidos Season 2 will happen or not. We will take a closer look and try to find out if a second season has been commissioned or canceled.

What Is Bandidos All About?

In 2023, Netflix announced that Bandidos is going through production and the show came out in March 2024. The series is about a guy who hired a group of people for a mission that will involve finding a treasure of Snake King.

It is situated in the Maya Riviera region. The head of this group is a con artist who along with the team faces many challenges as they embark to find this treasure. It is located on a ship that has a historical worth. As the team moves, they realize more about this ship and the things it has that are beyond the treasure.

Adrian Grunberg is the director of the series; he had earlier helmed the film Rambo: The Last Blood. The series stars Alfonso Dosal (Miguel the man who assembles a team to find the treasure), Ester Expósito (as Elite), Juan Pablo Medina (Wilson), Juan Pablo Fuentes (Lucas), Mabel Cadena (Inés), Nicolás Furtado (Octavio), Andrés Baida (Ariel Tavitiun), Andrea Chaparro (Citlalí),
Bruno Bichir (Juan), Fermín Martínez (Canché) and Adrián Ladrón.

Pablo Tébar is the writer while Javier Ruiz Caldera and Adrian Grunberg have directed the episodes. Juan Manuel Borbolla, Alejandro Brugués, Ixchel Coutiño, Adrian Grunberg, Christine Holder, Mark Holder and Stacy Perskie among others are the executive producers on the show.

What Happened In The Last Episode of Bandidos?

Bandidos had eight episodes in total with all of them being released on March 13th, 2024 on Netflix. The final episode was called The Treasure and it shows that Ariel had tasked the Burnt-Face Man for stealing the Kaan Balam from the place. But he ends up shooting Ariel, and Wilson. Later, Juan is abducted by Ariel who is trying to look for the location of the treasure.

What Happened In The Last Episode of Bandidos?
Credits: Gadgets 360

Lili is hinted to be the mole in the group who is also in touch with the other side. She drugs Ariel which helps others in escaping. We also find more details about the treasure and its history. The treasure is called Kaan Balam and Miguel is very close in finding the ship that carries it.

Burnt-Face Man is killed by Ariel who also shoots Lilli. He then takes the statue of the Jaguar with him. The gold in the ship is put and the cash goes towards Lucas, Citlali, Miguel, and Octavio.

Even though they are rich now, they had to go through many things and it cost the lives of many members of the crew. The finale also shows the true face of many people including Miguel who is shown as a greedy person.

Is Bandidos Season 2 Happening?

The makers have not confirmed that Bandidos Season 2 is happening. However, it is too early and fans should not be disheartened as the show premiered in March 2024. Netflix and the team will evaluate the response the first season has received before going forward with the second season. The ending also hints at a possible plot of Bandidos Season 2.

Is Bandidos Season 2 Happening?
Credits: Netflix

Miguel and Lili talk about Tear of Fire which also has a treasure that they plan to have. The second season might feature the main cast going on an adventure that will happen in a different location in the world. We might also see some new faces in Bandidos Season 2 who might join the team.


Bandidos deals with the exciting genre of heists and tells the story of a very engaging adventure involving the hunting of treasures. The execution as well as the performances make it a fun viewing experience. Hopes are really high for Bandidos Season 2 to happen.