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Queen Of Tears Episode 2 Recap And Review: Is There Love Left Between Hyun Woo And Hae-in?

Queen Of Tears Episode 2

After a suspenseful cliffhanger in the previous episode of “Queen of Tears,” it is revealed that Hae-in has a deadly illness and only three months to live. Her illness causes Hyun Woo to reconsider his preparations to announce his desire to file for divorce, leading to a complicated emotional journey for the estranged couple as well as a rekindled love.

So, what happened after this? Did Hyun Woo share his desire to get a divorce? Let’s find out and see whether this episode of “Queen of Tears” met our expectations or not.

Queen Of Tears Episode 2 Recap And Reviews
Credits: Netflix

A Twist In Queen Of Tears

Hyun-woo and Hae-in’s marriage is failing in “Queen of Tears”. He even refuses to grieve her death and instead sees it as a chance to break free from her and her family’s grip. However, things take a dark turn when he hatches a plan to trick Hae-in into thinking he loves her to get control of her possessions, particularly the Queen department store.

In the middle of their failing relationship, Hyun Woo’s greed overcomes him despite his initial reluctance, exposing the depths of his deceit and the lengths he will go to for personal gain.

A Twist In Queen Of Tears
Credits: Netflix

At first, Hae-in visibly doubted Hyun Woo’s intentions when he asked whether her tumour could be cured or not. However, Hae-in’s understanding of Hyun-woo’s motivations changed when she saw the tabs he was searching online.

Observing the tabs open on his laptop, she couldn’t help but wonder if his interest in her tumour was a sign that he wanted her to live. Maybe, she reasoned, he was sincere in his care and sadness at her illness.

Hyun Woo, meantime, realised that caution was necessary after learning of the near miss. Though at first he didn’t care, he found that Hae-in’s survival stood in the way of his aspirations to become free. Their differing perspectives of what had happened complicated their already tense relationship by making neither of them sure of the real reasons for their behaviour.

Hae-in’s Relationship With Her Mother

In “Queen of Tears,” Episode 1, it is made clear that Hae-in’s family dynamics are tense even outside of her relationship with Hyun Woo. Her mother’s preference for her brother Soo-cheol and their tense relationship are caused by unresolved issues related to Su-wan’s death.

The retaliatory nature of Hae-in’s mother is brought to light when she uses the legal system to control construction on Hae-in’s land and then uses that as leverage to force Hae-in to have dinner with her ex-boyfriend Eun-sung.

A layer of complexity is added by Eun-sung’s relationship with the CEO of Hercyna, which causes Hyun Woo to feel jealous and suspicious. Hyun Woo struggles with his own mixed feelings, which may be brought on by personal anxieties or residual love for Hae-in.

Hae-in’s Relationship With Her Mother
Credits: Netflix

Episode 2 of “Queen of Tears” has a crucial scene where Hyun Woo, driven by an unanticipated wave of protectiveness towards Hae-in, rescues her from a wild boar attack. Though he had previously been reluctant to take part in the yearly hunting custom, Hyun Woo’s acts demonstrate a renewed level of care and intimacy with his wife.

Hyun Woo steps in just in time to prevent catastrophe and perhaps mark a turning point in Hae-in and Hyun Woo’s relationship as her condition sends her into moments of dissociation. This terrifying event may help them understand each other better and reassess their dynamics and emotions.

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“Queen of Tears” Episode 2 delves deeper into the complex dynamics between Hyun Woo and Hae-in, raising questions about the true nature of their relationship amidst turmoil and deceit. While Hyun Woo’s manipulative actions cast doubt on his intentions, a pivotal moment of heroism hints at underlying emotions and potential for reconciliation.

Meanwhile, Hae-in’s fraught relationship with her mother adds another layer of tension, underscoring the intricate web of family dynamics at play. As the episode unfolds, we are left pondering whether love still lingers between the estranged couple. We eagerly anticipate the evolution of their dynamic in the upcoming episodes. For this episode, we surely think the level has been set and the story of “Queen of Tears” continues to keep us invested.

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