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Secrets of the Neanderthals Review: Netflix’s Latest Documentary Sets Out To Captivate the Viewers

Secrets of the Neanderthals

Netflix has recently released an alluring and informative documentary, Secrets of the Neanderthals, which has been directed by Ashley Gething and narrated by none other than Patrick Stewart.

While we will continue to talk about Secrets of the Neanderthals, one must give credit to the streaming platform and the crew behind several documentaries and docuseries in recent times, which have been an engaging blend of interviews paired with reenacting, which helps elevate the quality and understanding of the subject.

Secrets of the Neanderthals also falls under that category of an engaging blend, and lucky for the viewers, instead of splitting it into long episodes and turning it into a docuseries, the director and producers stuck with the documentary format. There’s plenty to love about Secrets of the Neanderthals, and we’re here to tell you just that, so make sure you stick around.

Secrets of the Neanderthals Will Keep You Engaged!

Every second of Secrets of the Neanderthals had the wow factor and even that praise feels like an understatement.

There are many documentaries out there that have archaeologists digging into caves, looking for something new that has been around for thousands of years before any of us existed. Now, while documentaries deserve their own set of compliments, this documentary series stood out, and in the best way possible.

Secrets of the Neanderthals Will Keep You Engaged!
Credit: Netflix

Starting with the filming of Secrets of the Neanderthals. Each and every frame of the documentary was thought about when it comes to this particular documentary and that is more than visible as the minutes pass by. Secrets of the Neanderthals has several beautiful shots, but you will fail to pick one that stands out the most.

Whether it was part of actors and actresses reenacting, or the research team showing parts of Neanderthals that were found in the depths of the planet, or even expeditions down the caves, every single part of the documentary felt special.

Secrets of the Neanderthals Review
Credit: Netflix

This feeling of Secrets of the Neanderthals being special doesn’t just come from the shots and frames of the documentary, but also the content. Everyone has read or learned about the Neanderthals at some point in their lives, and that involves the unfair misconceptions about them too.

Secrets of the Neanderthals is here to topple over these misconceptions and paint the Neanderthals in a fair, unbiased light, which also helps humanize them, and bridges the gap between us and them.

Secrets of the Neanderthals
Credit: Netflix

While there’s plenty to look for in Secrets of the Neanderthals, one element that cannot be overlooked is the soothing narration by none other than Patrick Stewart, who truly felt like the final piece of the puzzle, without him, Secrets of the Neanderthals would have felt incomplete.


Netflix has several docuseries and documentaries that are worth a watch and if you’re making a list for your weekend binge, we recommend watching Secrets of the Neanderthals as well. Do let us know in the comments what you thought about this particular documentary.

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