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Seeking Sister Wife Season 6: Is It Happening? Everything We Know

Seeking Sister Wife Season 6

Seeking Sister Wife has a very weird family practicing polygamy which means a man has multiple partners. Despite its awkward premise, the series has been a success since it began in January 2018. The series showcases a family from a family looking for a second wife or a new one trying to adjust to their house.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 6
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Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 recently concluded and it has sparked a demand for Seeking Sister Wife Season 6. So if you are looking at the details of this upcoming season, read on to find out.

How Did Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 End?

The last episode of Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 was called Seeking Our Forever and it was released on May 27th, 2024. The episode continued to focus on different families and their rapport as they tried to either find a sister’s wife or adjust to the family. We see Mariam sending signals that are mixed and confusing. She is the potential sister and wife of Garrick.

Meanwhile, we have witnessed Nathalia being uneasy and this time around, she makes her feelings very clear. We also see the consequences of Jasmine getting the sleepover. Post that, the Davises family has to make a big decision.

Meanwhile, the episode also showcases Justin and Becky having second thoughts about Yary. They wonder if there is a future with that person. All these plot points provide a lot of drama to the viewers.

Is Seeking Sister Wife Season 6 Happening?

TLC has not renewed the show for Seeking Sister Wife Season 6 yet. However, since the fifth season has just ended, we can wait for some more before the makers unveil new details for the upcoming season. It’s highly unlikely that the show won’t be renewed for a sixth time.

Given the low cost it requires to create every season and how successful they are, these shows are profitable ventures for the channel. So we can expect Seeking Sister Wife Season 6 in the future.

Is Seeking Sister Wife Season 6 Happening?
Credits: TV Insider

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What To Expect From It?

Seeking Sister Wife Season 6 will pick from where the prior season ended. Nathalia Lima alleged that Garrick was seeking submission of all kinds from her. Other things also happened in the last episode but it’s highly unlikely to show up in the new season. We will see different families like Salahuddin, Sherwood, Ryan, and Merrifield as well as Davis.

They have been the focus of the recent seasons and Seeking Sister Wife Season 6 will be no exception. The upcoming season will continue to showcase these family members are navigating trying to find sister wives for each other. All these will lead to a lot of drama which viewers will get to witness.

In terms of who will star, Seeking Sister Wife Season 6 should have familiar faces from the fifth season. We might also see some new entries from different families in the next season. TLC has not confirmed when Seeking Sister Wife Season 6 will be released.

However, we can speculate by looking at the release pattern of earlier seasons of this show. If the production goes on the floor real soon, we can expect Seeking Sister Wife Season 6 to be released sometime in 2025.


Seeking Sister Wife has become a very intriguing show with a strong base of fans over the years. The examination of polygamy in a very interesting and fun way makes it a successful series with multiple seasons.

Each season has different families being in the center and the characters are shown doing things, finding a sister wife, and or a sister wife adjusting to the family. Fans are demanding Seeking Sister Wife Season 6 and are really looking forward to it.

We can expect more details about Seeking Sister Wife Season 6 to emerge in the future. TLC might greenlight it and fans of the series will not be disappointed by the updates.

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