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The Impossible Heir Season 2: Is It Happening? Everything We Know So Far

The Impossible Heir

The Impossible Heir is a South Korean TV series that deals with things like revenge and greed combined with a lot of drama. The show premiered on February 28th, 2024, and got really positive feedback. Audiences loved the engaging plot of the show along with the actor’s performances.

The Impossible Heir Season 2
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The first season of the show came to an end on April 3rd, 2024. Right after the finale, fans of the show want to know if The Impossible Heir Season 2 will happen. Here, we will be finding out the answer.

What Is The Impossible Heir All About?

The Impossible Heir is about Kang In-ha (played by Lee Jun-young) who comes from a family that is not doing well in terms of money. His life changes after he realizes that he might be the illicit child of a really rich man named Kang Jung-mo (played by Choi Jin-ho). Jung-mo runs a really big conglomerate called the Kangoh group.

In-ha has been ousted from his own family and he goes to create a plan to take over the company. He seeks help from Han Tae-oh (played by Lee Jae-wook) who is In-ha’s friend from childhood. The entire series focuses on his attempts to try and take Kangoh in his grip.

The Impossible Heir is penned by Choi Won with development done by the Korean branch of Disney. Lee Hyang-bong and Min Yeon-hong are the directors of the episodes. Jung Yeon-ji, Cho Young-jae, and Kim Min are the executive producers of the show. February 28th, 2024 was the premiere date of the show’s first episode and it was available on Disney Plus.

What Happened In The Last Episode Of The Impossible Heir?

The Impossible Heir Episode 12 concluded the story of Kang In-ha. It opens with a shot of Tae-oh thinking about his mother. A meeting takes place in the company on an emergency level where all of them decide to appoint In-ha as the new chairman of the group. However, cops arrest him and the plan does not work.

What Happened In The Last Episode Of The Impossible Heir?
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The daughter of Park Sa-jin was the one to provide Tae-oh some help in jail and she reveals how In-ju gave her drugs. Meanwhile, the arrest changes the situation and Sa-jin decides to not lend any support to anyone outside the family. He gets the energy unit of the group.

In-ha finds out that Mo Gi-jun is not dead and was saved by the daughter of Park Sa-jin who is also the doctor in the prison. The chances of the chairman’s survival drop and meanwhile raids are done on the flat of In-ha. Things go horribly further for him as he is sent to imprisonment for life. He then dies through suicide.

The story takes a three-year jump and we see the city project of the group is finished. Tae-oh has been named as the chairperson of the group while Hye-won is doing their work with the congress. The Cooperation Centre named Co-prosperity is handled by Seong-ju. The finale ends with Tae-oh saying that his dream became a reality.

Is The Impossible Heir Season 2 Happening?

The makers of The Impossible Heir, which is Disney+ have not given any confirmation if The Impossible Heir Season 2 is going to happen or not. This is normal for K-dramas as most of them have a one-season show that reaches its completion towards the end. But lately, we have seen the second season of many shows as they became really successful and popular. This includes Squid Games Season 2.

Is The Impossible Heir Season 2 Happening?
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The ending of the show portrays Tae-oh who is now the head of the group. A potential second season can explore that aspect. The show has been well received, and in most cases, the makers take their time to evaluate before going forward with another season. So chances are high that The Impossible Heir Season 2 can happen.


The Impossible Heir is a part of the growing batch of K-dramas that are resonating with people not just South Korea. It has a plot that is really hard to predict and has many turns. The finale was really shocking yet fulfilling in many ways. Now fans want The Impossible Heir Season 2.

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