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So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 9 Preview: Release Date And More

So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 9 Preview

So Help Me Todd offers a unique mix of comedy with legal drama. A creation by Scott Prendergast, the series tells a very interesting tale of a mother and son duo. It premiered in September 2022 and its good response led to a second season. Eight episodes have aired so far from this season.

So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 9 Preview
Credits: CBS

So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 9 will drop very soon and fans are buzzing with excitement over it. We shall look into what the episode will have to offer. Read on.

What Is So Help Me Todd All About?

So Help Me Todd is the story of Todd (played by Skylar Astin) who has a sharp brain but gets involved in a case that puts many charges on him. His mother Margaret Wright (played by Marcia Gay Harden) works as a defense attorney and is able to bail him out of the charges.

He then joins her in her firm dealing with law issues which is located in Portland in the capacity of a private investigator. The series focuses on their dynamics in work and life as both of them have different kinds of personalities.

Elizabeth J.B. Klaviter and Scott Prendergast are the showrunners of So Help Me Todd. They have also executive-produced it with Stuart Gillard, Michael Spiller, Julia Eisenman, Craig Shapiro, Liz Kruger and Jay McGraw among others. The first season premiered on September 29th, 2022 and ended on May 18th, 2023. So Help Me Todd Season 2 started on February 15th, 2024.

What Happened In So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 8?

So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 8 is named P.I.’s Wide Shut and it was released on May 2nd, 2024. Its director is Ruba Nadda while the script was written by Earl Davis. The episode features Nicole Smith suing her coach named Tom Edwards for drugging her.

This discovery led to her elimination and it directly impacted her career. Susan (played by Inga Schlingmann) continues to grill him to get answers. Later, Susan and Todd have a conversation where the former mentions her irritation with the law firm.

What Happened In So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 8?
Credits: Tell Tale TV

Meanwhile, Nicole is questioned by both Susan and Margaret as they are desperate to crack the case of the drug. Much later, Margaret reads the file of Nicole and eventually, she realizes that Nicole was using the drugs to enhance her performance for a year. In the end, Alex/Mabel’s involvement in the case makes it more interesting.

What To Expect From So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 9?

So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 9 is named The Broker; Nancy Hower is the director while Wendy Mericle wrote the script. The title of this episode hints that its storyline might revolve around some broker and a crime will be either committed by a broker or they become the victim. Just like the earlier seasons, this one will also have Todd and Margaret getting involved in the case and using their brains to catch the actual culprit.

We are assured that So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 9 will offer a nice dose of comedy, with some thrills. It is going to be the penultimate entry in this season so many dramas are expected from So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 9.

Do We Have A Release Date?

So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 9 will be released on Thursday, May 9th, 2024 on CBS at 9 pm (ET). When it comes to duration, this episode will run for 40 to 43 minutes. The first season had 21 episodes but So Help Me Todd Season 2 is going to have only ten episodes.

This might be because of the Hollywood strikes of 2023 that affected the production of many shows. The finale will be unveiled on May 16th and it will conclude this season.


So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 9 is the second last episode of this season and it will have many storylines to offer. We will see yet another interesting case being tackled by Margaret and Todd which will push them to an extreme. Fans are waiting for this episode.

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